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Tour Andersson valves now available from Faisal Jassim Trading Co.

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12 Jul 2008

Faisal Jassim is proud to be associated with Tour Andersson (TA), one of the World leading valves manufacturers. TA produce full line of valves especially suited for the HVAC application and specializes in controllability.

The technology creates optimum conditions to take control and stay in control. TA provides valves of all sizes (from 10 to 1000 mm), all connections, three pressure classes (PN 16, PN 20 and PN 25) and four materials (Ametal, gun metal, grey iron, ductile iron).

Tour Andersson valves now available from Faisal Jassim Trading Co.

TA expertise cover all types of hydronic system constant and variable flow static and dynamic balancing. There are numerous arguments for a proper balancing of your HVAC system in particular for a variable flow system application we mention:

1. Balancing improves comfort
Even when you calculate each circuit by computer, you seldom find components that exactly match your theoretical values. Most engineers choose larger components than smaller ones but then the plant cannot provide the desired indoor climate. There are two reasons:

  • The flow becomes too large in favoured circuits, and too small in unfavoured circuits
  • The flow in the distribution network becomes bigger than the flow in production circuits
  • You can remove the causes by fitting balancing valves and balancing the plant as balancing limits the flow in favoured circuits and ensure that all circuits receive their design flows.

    2. Balancing saves energy
    I ach morning the return to full operation completely opens all the control valves. In unbalanced plants the unfavoured circuits must wait for full flow until the temperature sensors in the favoured circuits reaches the set point. Balancing valves limit the flow in favoured circuits and reduces start-up limes, reducing the energy consumed accordingly.

    3. Balancing reveals flaws time
    Balancing exposes flaws of wrongly mounted terminal units, damaged pipes, back-to-front check valves and blocked filters while they can still be cheaply repaired. Balancing allows you to act before control equipment is commissioned, before ceilings are mounted, and most important, before tenants move in.

    4. Balancing helps pumps work as per demand
    The main reason for choosing variable flows is to minimize the pump's energy consumption. For example, many designers choose a pump that is slightly too big. In a cooling plant the pump accounts for 10 to 20% of total energy use. If the set point is 40% too high, then energy costs will be 4-8% higher than necessary.... month after month, year after year. The whole point of a variable-speed pump-to save-energy-is lost. Hence balancing the system will create adequate pressure drop in the least favoured circuit, requiring the pump to work exactly as per the demand and riot more.

    5. Balancing valves for fault tracing and systems analysis Balancing is the only way to reveal pump oversizing, allowing you to optimize the pump head. This way balancing helps reduce pumping costs and assists in tracing faults in designs.

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