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About Thermo-Shield Coatings

Thermo-Shield Coatings

Thermo-Shield Coatings

SPM Thermo-Shield, Inc. specializes in manufacturing non-toxic protective (weatherproofing) coatings designed for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

The company Head Quarter is located in Custer, South Dakota, USA, with international distributors in numerous countries around the world. Thermo-Shield® products have been in the market since 1984 with remarkable success. The US, British, Canadian, and UAE governments are among some of the many Thermo-Shield® users.

Thermo-Shield® coatings are specifically designed (developed) to solve all the problems found in common paint and roofing products. They last a very long time, even in the harshest climates and conditions, and readily pay for themselves in energy savings.

SPM Thermo-Shield, Inc. was incorporated in January 1992, when we purchased the THERMO-SHIELD® Company from its developers, GENERAL INDUSTRIES CORPORATION, of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We had done the national marketing of the THERMO-SHIELD® Coatings within the U.S.A. for one year prior to this time, (through 1991), and had been involved in the export of Thermo-Shield® FOR TWO YEARS PRIOR TO THAT.

Thermo-Shield® Coatings were developed by a chemical specialty company of 25 years, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, General Industries Corporation. It took GENERAL INDUSTRIES CORP.

7 years of preparation, testing, and changes to develop their "PERFECT" roof coating, a product designed with the goal "To Cure All Roofing Problems". GENERAL INDUSTRIES was not working alone:

A) ROHM AND HAAS, the resin supplier worked closely in developing and providing the very special resins needed to accomplish this task.

B) 3-M, worked with GENERAL INDUSTRIES CORP. to determine what the ideal ceramic particles were, to be most efficient for insulation of buildings, and to best reflect solar radiant energy.

These ceramics are a spin-off of the space shuttle technology, and are similar in that they are hollow ceramic bubbles that have tremendous ability to reflect and dissipate heat, and act as nonconductors.

These bubbles were incorporated into a non-toxic easy to use, long lasting elastomeric coating. Space age technology is now available for your home, business, and other protective coating needs.

C) Much of the SPACE SHUTTLE technology was developed in the Colorado Springs Area, and some of these engineers were available for consultation, to help determine how this space age information could be incorporated into building coatings, for more energy efficient homes and businesses.

Thermo-Shield Coatings - more products

Thermo-Shield Coatings
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Thermo-Shield Roof Coats Thermo-Shield Roof Coats are highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coatings, made from a water-based pure acrylic resin system filled with hollow sodium borosilicate glass micro spheres. Each micro sphere acts as a sealed cell and the entire... Brochures    
Thermo-Shield Exterior Wall Coats Thermo-Shield Exterior Wall Coats are highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coatings designed to insulate and waterproof exterior walls. They are non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and form a monolithic (seamless) membrane that bridges... Brochures    
Thermo-Shield Interior Wall Coats Thermo-Shield Interior Wall Coats are highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coatings designed to insulate and waterproof your walls. They are non-toxic, friendly to the environment, and form a monolithic (seamless) membrane that bridges hairline... Brochures    
Thermo-Shield Tank Shield Thermo-Shield Tank Shield is a highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coating, designed to protect and lower the external surface temperature of storage vessels. It is non-toxic and friendly to the environment. It is completely washable and resist... Brochures    

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