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About Thermo-Shield Roof Coats


Thermo-Shield Roof Coats

Thermo-Shield Roof Coats

Thermo-Shield Roof Coats are highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coatings, made from a water-based pure acrylic resin system filled with hollow sodium borosilicate glass micro spheres. Each micro sphere acts as a sealed cell and the entire mastic acts as a thermally efficient blanket covering the entire structure.

These coatings are non-toxic, friendly to the environment and form a monolithic (seamless) membrane that bridges hairline cracks. They are completely washable and resist many harsh chemicals. Thermo-Shield Roof Coats have high reflectance and high emittance as well as a very low conductivity value.

Thermo-Shield Roof Coats greatly reduce thermal shock and heat penetration by keeping roof surfaces much cooler in hot summer weather. They offer UV protection and low VOC’s.

They display excellent dirt pick-up resistance and retain their flexibility long after aging. Thermo-Shield Roof Coats reduce noise transmission and have an effective use range from –40 Deg F to 375 Deg C (700 Deg F).

Primarily used as a roof coating where joints, seams, cracks and gaps around protrusions are reinforced with a 100% polyester spun laced fabric embedded in the membrane. They may be utilized wherever a weather resistant membrane-like coating is required. The STD formula is used in most climatic conditions.

The TROPICAL formula is used in climatic conditions where fungi growth is a major concern. The ULA formula is used on buildings and installations where shear extra-high fire resistance is desired i.e. oil and gas.

Brochures for Thermo-Shield Roof Coats

Brochures for Thermo-Shield Roof Coats
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Thermo-Shield Brochure
PDF 1.4 MB Open
Application of Thermo-Shield Roof Coating
Kadas Oil Field Services, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2001
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Thermo-Shield Roof Coats - Specification Sheet
PDF 151 kB Open
Thermo-Shield Roof Coating - References
Projects for Engineers Office (EO), Dubai
PDF 229 kB Open
Case Study - Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai
Exterior wall repair and Thermo-Shield Coating
PDF 508 kB Open
Cool Roof
PDF 288 kB Open

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