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Water Pollution Control Equipment (44 40 00)


Products for Water Pollution Control Equipment

Products for Water Pollution Control Equipment
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Water Treatment Tap water whether supplied from a water bed or source, always contains a certain quantity of mineral salts. Among these, calcium and magnesium bicarbonate are deposited at temperatures of over 30°, forming limestone. The limestone can be reduced by...
Bertani Middle EastBertani Middle East
Rainwater Recovery Water is surely one of the resources heading toward exhaustion and is therefore an increasingly precious one. Our company is particularly aware of the subject of water saving, which will become increasingly important in the coming years. Currently,...
Bertani Middle EastBertani Middle East
Aquapresso Expansion vessels with fixed gas cushion for drinking water systems. The airproof butyl bag, made from special butyl rubber and suitable for drinking water, is legendary. Together with the full flowthrough, the vessels offer a unique standard of...
TA HydronicsTA Hydronics
Sondex Freshwater Distiller Sondex freshwater distiller utilizes the heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water by evaporating sea water under high vacuum, enabling the feed water to evaporate at temperatures below 48°C. Steam can also be used...
Gulf Sondex FZCOGulf Sondex FZCO
Grit and Agglomerates Antique arts and technologies “in the van” in a single category. While grit was used in the past to floor fascinating late Nineteenth Century residences, technical agglomerates are a decidedly contemporary resource. Today productions in...
Bertani Middle EastBertani Middle East
Model 400 GMX Magnetic Fluid Conditioner Residential and commercial applications wherever hard water is present (fuel lines, swamp coolers, commercial ice machines, fountains, printing equipment, commercial dishwashers).
Constromech FZCOConstromech FZCO

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