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About Oikos Middle East

Oikos Middle East

United Arab Emirates
+39 0547 681460
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OIKOS Srl is an Italian based company, leader in the market of decorative paints and coatings. The company is located on the east coast of Italy with its production facilities and offices situated on a single site 15 minutes from the city of Rimini.

The company philosophy is based on two main principles:

  • To have the minimum affect on the environment, both in terms of the production of the products and the application and final result given by the products.
  • Secondly the use and the exploitation of technological innovation both in terms of the performance, resistance and range of the products themselves as well as everything to do with the production, coloration, storing, marketing and selling of the various ranges of materials produces by OIKOS.

OIKOS boast a wide range of products both for interiors and exteriors and also a series of specialist products and coatings for use on wood, metal and plastics. The one constant in all of the company products is that they are water based and at low environmental impact. The company works with avant-garde technology to produce high performance and highly decorative products.

Through constant research, development, investment and enthusiasm, the company has been able to develop many projects aimed at increasing the number of decorative possibilities on the market, OIKOS now works in over 50 countries world wide, ranging from The United States of America, South and Central America, Australia, China, Southern Asia, The Middle East, the countries of the Ex Soviet Union and all over Europe.


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Encanto Encanto is a special, low environmental impact, decorative paint for interiors. With its coloured, metallic hints, its shades (that change according to the light as if it were velvet on the wall), this material epitomises the union between antique... Brochures    
Ottocento Antique Velvet Ottocento Antico Velluto is a wall coating that produces beautiful decorative effects. It is the result of careful research that has llowed the use of new technology to obtain an effect, an antique decor, that seems like velvet. Ottocento Antico...      
Kreos Drapé Kreos in the Drapé effect is a new innovative finish. The product is ready to use and can be supplied already coloured in any one of seventy shades. It is easy to apply and gives the possibility of realising, in a single coat, a decorative finish... Brochures    
Kreos Fil Posé Kreos, in the Fil Posé finish, is a highly decorative texture finish for interiors. It is formulated in a smooth, light paste that is easy to work with and that creates precious, intense and highly resistant surfaces. Kreos Fil Posé recreates the... Brochures    
Pallas PALLAS by OIKOS is an extraordinary decorative paint that allows the realisation of a charming coloured silk finish. The particular pigments in Pallas create reflections that vary according to the intensity of light, giving the wall a unique charm,... Brochures    
Raffaello Madreperlato (Mother of Pearl) Decor Stucco Raffaello Madreperlato is the mother of pearl finish that gives a precious pearlescent effect to the better known Raffaello Decor Stucco. It is especially indicated for the decoration of interiors where an extra touch of class is required. The... Brochures    
Raffaello Decor Stucco Raffaello Decor Stucco is a protagonist in the great decorative tradition that re-proposes in a classic version the famous stucco effect of the Venetian masters. Formulated using natural lime, the product gives a superb smooth finish that can be made...      
Travertino Romano Travertino Romano is an innovative product that allows the recreation of the same aesthetic appearance of Travertine marble used in Roman architecture. The use of particular pigments and used in unison with other products, it is possible to produce a... Brochures    
Marmorino Naturale Marmorino Naturale by OIKOS is a coloured, vapour permeable, coating for interiors and exteriors that allows the realisation with speed and ease, splendid decorative effects similar to the traditional “marmorino” effects that reproduce the... Brochures    

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