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Environmentally friendly coatings with 'high decorative impact' from Italian Oikos.

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11 May 2008

Oikos is strengthening their presence in the Middle East decorative coatings market by opening a new office and warehouse in Dubai. The warehouse will also have a paint shop where sample panels will be made and distributed to interior designers, consultants and paints contractors in the region.

Oikos is also in the progress of appointing and training a range of new paint contracts. This is needed to cater to the ever increasing demand for their products, which is presently being specified and applied on a range of the most prestigious projects in the region.

Oikos is a leader in the market of decorative paints and coatings. Their headquarters and factory is located close to the city of Rimini on the east coast of Italy. The company's philosophy is based on two main principles:

  • To have the minimum affect on the environment, both in terms of the production of the products and the application and final result given by the products.

  • Secondly the use of technological innovation both in terms of the performance, resistance and range of the products themselves as well as everything to do with the production, coloration, storing, marketing and selling of the various ranges of materials produces by Oikos.
Oikos boast a wide range of products both for interiors and exteriors and also a series of specialist products and coatings for use on wood, metal and plastics. The one constant in all of the company products is that they are water based and at low environmental impact. The company works with avant-garde technology to produce high performance and highly decorative products.

Encanto, with its metallic effect and shades, changes in different light and looks as if you have velvet on the wall.
Encanto, with its metallic effect and shades, changes in different light and looks as if you have velvet on the wall.

The ecological background of the company stems from the brand new state of the art production premises that have been designed and constructed to incorporate a series of ecological elements that render all our production respectful not just of the environment but also of the people who are in contact with the products during their manufacture and their final use.

Maintaining the line of philosophy that Oikos has always followed, the company is always preparing to launch on to the market new products for remaining up-date to the several needs of the market and to cater for the architectural and design needs of city centres that maintain their original look, whilst at the same time working with this material in order to bestow on it the technical performance that is necessary in today’s harsh environment.

Through constant research, development, investment and enthusiasm, the company has been able to develop many projects aimed at increasing the number of decorative possibilities on the market, Oikos now works in over 50 countries world wide, ranging from The United States of America, South and Central America, Australia, China, Southern Asia, The Middle East, the countries of the Ex Soviet Union and all over Europe.

The name Oikos has become synonymous with high quality decorative products backed up by a level of service and support that is second to none. These credentials have allowed Oikos to enter into the marketplace carrying out the decoration of a number of high prestige projects throughout all five continents. The fact that all Oikos products are at low environmental impact means that with the modern day requirements of safety for the environment and for people Oikos is leading the way into the next millennium in the field of decoration.

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