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Armando Rho Majestic Classical Furniture

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21 Mar 2020

When time has no beginning or end, when memories are feelings, when there is an association of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the world becomes one. In this world, style is ageless and what is today will remain forever. The furniture that surrounds our lives is a contributor to and a material part of this world; it will take from the roots of the moments and become immortal.

Armando Rho Majestic Classical Furniture

This is the world of Armando Rho, a fairy tale that lives through the stories engraved on each piece of wood, each inlay in stone or every piece painted by hand. Here classical furniture is sovereign; it gives importance to today and makes tomorrow unique. Rooms are furnished with an elegant and singular style, which is more than classical; it is also intimate and unique. As you step into this world everything is transformed by the magic of past eras. You feel important, elegant, considered, noble and royal. With craftsmanship and ever increasing use of new technology, the mission of Armando Rho has always been to interpret and reproduce the treasures of the most important historical periods. The intention is to amaze through a style that affirms powerful and recognizable values, sometimes exaggerated for its elegance, but reflecting the nobility of the period. You experience the luxury of the era and for a moment you will feel you are in the majestic palaces of Paris or St Petersburg.

Armando Rho’s collections are conceived from the inside; inspiration is taken from literature on antiques as well as an in depth knowledge of history. Expert craftsmen exquisitely transform these sources of singular beauty into reality.The strength and value of the company comes from its ability to personalize its entire furniture collection, which includes more than 1500 standard pieces. Each piece becomes unique and personal so as to reflect the character of the buyer. The company is very attentive to the needs of their individual clients and will work with them to ensure that the identity wanted by the customer for their home is realized. The home demonstrates importance, our taste and social standing which is shared with the world through only a few selected friends. These homes are of important dimensions, they are dwellings that are meeting places and are like wonderful mazes where the ceilings touch the skies and the walls guard the treasures of our lives.

Armando Rho is able to reflect the taste and requirements of each client. Right from the onset with the Customer 3D plans the client is able to see the final look of what will be ‘home’. Because of the use of fine materials, the quality is apparent and the atmosphere is one of luxury demonstrating a high level of conception, design, customization and production. Armando Rho offers a complete service: the design of every aspect of the space, from floors to ceilings, lighting and the overall appearance. The creation of the highest quality of unique pieces, wood paneling and accessories are also part of this service. In effect the perfect ‘"mise en place’'.

Customization for Armando Rho means realizing the dreams of each client. This is cornerstone to the company. Flexibility throughout the whole process and design is constant; the company continually listens to the clients’ aspirations and will suggest stunning and innovative solutions. Armando Rho is recognized as the primary interior contractor in a world where fairy stories become reality.

The company has always enriched its collection of classical standard furniture with unique and particular manufacturing techniques. Using rubies, malachite, coral, diamonds and sapphires in the inlay they enhance the collection and make it truly unique. The effort and wonder in making each piece creates a fascinating story. The workmanship is meticulous and it demonstrates the majestic skills of the craftsmen. There are no manufacturers of the classic style today that overcome the daily challenges of this type of work.

Armando Rho therefore offers a unique product that is also enchanting and inspiring. You will get that feeling of warmth and protection of a home where art splendors in every corner and your place becomes your kingdom. Armando Rho firmly protects its classical identity whilst giving space to a balanced blend of contemporary detail.

The company story is that of a family who started as producers of chairs and then developed into a worldwide distributor of classic interiors. Armando Rho today is a high-end residential contractor that plans, designs, and manufactures in addition to managing all aspects of on-site installation.

The Customers of Armando Rho are discerning and knowledgeable connoisseurs of classical. Through the in depth consultations with the company they express their visions of the home that mirrors their personalities. There are also those clients that just wish to add to their contemporary home a particular classic piece to give them a touch of antique.

With the extensive experience gained within the company, Armando Rho has been able to put together a team that can address the varying requirements of each client. The team ensures maximum flexibility during the planning, design and manufacturing, thus respecting the production ground rules of Armando Rho of - luxury, elegance, rationalization of space and functionality. These ground rules have led the company to become a world leader in the field of classic furniture in countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, ex Soviet republics, the Middle East and strategic cities like London and Paris.

The life that was lived, the life that is lived here and now and the life that has still to be lived, together give continuity to the life of the eras hence allowing them always to remain current. It is this life that is deeply engraved in every piece of furniture. Through the furnishings of Armando Rho the experience of life is infinitely extended over time.

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