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ASSA ABLOY Launches New Innovative Wireless Door Locks

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5 Oct 2023

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in access solutions, is proud to introduce Aperio, a ground-breaking wireless technology designed to revolutionise cost savings and efficiency in electronic access control. This innovative wireless door system not only delivers cost-efficiency but also aligns seamlessly with sustainability objectives, among other cutting-edge features.

ASSA ABLOY Launches New Innovative Wireless Door Locks

Commenting on this milestone launch, the Vice President at ASSA ABLOY, Mr. Nassim Abu Yousef stated, "Aperio's innovative technology not only saves businesses substantial costs at every stage but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. We are committed to delivering top-tier solutions that enhance security, reduce expenses, and promote environmental responsibility."

I. Installation: Unlocking Cost-Efficiency

The installation phase, often the most substantial expense, presents a compelling argument for adopting wireless access control. Recent cost-saving analyses conducted by ASSA ABLOY experts revealed astonishing potential savings in a 100-door installation scenario. Those who opted for wireless locks experienced a remarkable 82.5% reduction in labor costs compared to wired alternatives.

Selecting battery-powered locks, a wireless alternative, can yield over 80% in labor cost savings, thanks to the swift and efficient installation by specialized access control installers.

Wireless installation not only accelerates the process but also minimizes disruptions, allowing for enhanced building security without interfering with daily operations.

II. Energising Business Sustainability

As underscored by the prestigious Harvard Business Review, energy efficiency has emerged as a cornerstone of business success. Traditional wired locks continuously draw power through magnets connected to a permanent electrical supply. In stark contrast, ASSA ABLOY's Aperio wireless locks "awaken" solely when presented with a credential requiring access. This translates into substantial annual energy savings of more than 70%*, equating to thousands of euros preserved over the typical lifetime of an access control system.
Aperio wireless locks not only contribute to energy savings but also reduce related costs, such as maintenance.

During operation, wireless locks necessitate only a battery change approximately once every two years.

III. Flexibility and Cost-Effective Expansion

Wireless locks offer not only savings but also unprecedented flexibility when reconfiguring or expanding office spaces. High-quality wireless locks can be effortlessly relocated to alternate doors without compromising their reliability. This convenience typically results in cost savings of around 30% during office relocations or expansions when compared to traditional wired locks.

Aperio® wireless locks deliver cost savings at every stage of their lifecycle. Battery-powered Aperio RFID-equipped cylinders, escutcheons, handles, and locks seamlessly integrate into both new access control systems and extensions of existing installations through wireless door connectivity. This eliminates the need for personnel to swap keycards or manage multiple credentials. Aperio locks effortlessly integrate with nearly every major access control system on the market, offering compatibility with over 100 different manufacturers. Streamlined management is achieved through a single control panel, overseeing all aspects, including Aperio and legacy locks.

Installation is expedited due to the absence of cabling around the door, eliminating invasive construction work and the need to replace door hardware. Aperio devices are versatile, accommodating various door types, security levels, and materials, including wood, glass, and aluminum. They cater to a range of applications, from fire and escape doors to meeting rooms, laboratories, and offices.

The cost-saving percentages are based on internal ASSA ABLOY analysis and may vary depending on specific project requirements and conditions.

To find out how much you could save by making the switch to wireless locks, you can download a free screen paper with project cost calculations here.



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