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Boon Edam Secured Entry Solutions Proven to Mitigate Risk and Maintain Compliance at Data Centers

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29 Jan 2023

Boon Edam Secured Entry Solutions Proven to Mitigate Risk and Maintain Compliance at Data Centers

Boon Edam Inc.’s secured entry solutions are proving effective for risk mitigation and regulatory compliance at essential data centers around the world. Layering Boon Edam secured entry solutions at all data center perimeter entry and exit points and critical internal access points provides the strongest possible physical security measures to mitigate against unauthorized access.

“Data center managers are tasked with three critical responsibilities: protecting the sensitive data of their clients, ensuring compliance with industry and government regulations, and minimizing operational costs,” said Mark Perkins, Vice President - Strategic Markets Development, Boon Edam. “Our secured entry solutions address all three by physically securing access points to deliver ROI through guard cost reduction or reallocation, while maintaining compliance with government, industry and/or corporate mandated standards.”

Data centers can achieve higher levels of cyber-physical security by deploying layers of Boon Edam’s secured entry solutions. A data center surrounded by a security fence outfitted with a full height turnstile for employee access deters infiltration at perimeter entrances. Security revolving doors and mantrap portals installed at a data center lobby can detect unauthorized entry attempts, including piggybacking and tailgating to prevent unauthorized access in real-time, and triggers a visual, audible and electronic notification via the PACs.

For the protection of the most sensitive areas in a data center, security mantrap portals equipped with biometric multifactor authentication technology enforce a confirmed single entry by means of an overhead sensor system called StereoVision. Once a user presents their credentials and the door opens, StereoVision scans the compartment, verifying the user is alone. Inside the portal, an internal biometric device can be used to verify identity, confirming that not only one person gets inside, but the right person.

Boon Edam’s secured entry solutions help ensure data centers maintain compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act (GLBA), the recently updated FTC Safeguards Rule, FISMA, ISO 27001, HITRUST, PCI DSS, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, and ITAR. Automating compliance for physical barrier entry/exit points reduces security training and operating expenses while allowing data centers to better sustain continual operations. Boon Edam full height turnstiles, security revolving doors, and security mantrap portals further prevent Door Forced Open (DFO) and Door Held Open (DHO) alarms for easier compliance reporting.

NTT, Ltd. (formerly RagingWire), amongst the largest and fastest growing data centers in the world, utilize Boon Edam Tourlock 180 security revolving doors at its Ashburn VA3 Data Center, featuring 245,000 square feet of space, and its Sacramento CA3 Data Center, a 180,000 square foot facility. Boon Edam’s security revolving doors provide efficient passage for hundreds of people daily at NTT’s data centers, preventing piggybacking and tailgating during both entry and exit.

“Our customers expect our security entrances and anti-tailgating technologies to be extremely fast and accurate,” said Eddie Ankers, Vice President of Corporate Security, NTT. “By adding these doors to our defense-in-depth security strategy, we are providing the best possible protection system for our customers’ mission critical equipment.”
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