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By-me home automation system

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18 Nov 2015

By-me home automation system

The By-me home automation system provides coordinated management of many functions. Control, comfort, safety, energy saving and communication integrated in a single system that grows with time, adapting to the evolving needs of the people who live in the home. Thanks to its radio frequency devices, the system can also be extended without the need for masonry work.

A really unique technology where appearance and functionality coexist without compromise, where consumption and costs are optimised without sacrifice, where the small and large activities of daily life are simply and intuitively managed so as to make the home a really comfortable place.

Control. You need only touch the Multimedia Videotouch with 10" display or one of the other devices in the home automation system and in a few moments, for each area of the home, load one of the 32 different temperature, lighting and comfort combinations, configured according to daily needs, or immediately and intuitively supervise and manage all the functions installed in the home: this centralisation of all applications drastically simplifies home automation control and helps to economise on time and resources.

Comfort. With By-me comfort is total: each room in the home is an oasis of wellbeing where you can find the comfortable conditions you prefer. You can load the temperature you want for each area and each moment of the day, vary the lighting to create comfortable areas for relaxing, manage the sound system, adjust curtains or window shutters to ensure you have the right light for your daily activities. All this can be done by creating preset scenes to suit your needs, such as switching on groups of lamps and at the same time regulating temperature and humidity in determined conditions or for particular occasions rather than just switching off all the lights when you leave the house. All that’s needed is a simple gesture to change the various parameters when the need arises.

Safety. With By-me the whole home is under control: allowing you to live in complete serenity and tranquillity.

A system which, thanks to the total integration of all the installation components and the centralised management with a control unit or touch screen, watches silently over your property and personal safety, increasing the safety of the home. Gas and water leak detectors send an alarm by text message when an anomaly is found and various devices are enabled to assure the safety of the home; presence detectors warn of any unwanted intrusions and trigger acoustic and text message alarms; internal cameras with incorporated microphones are used to implement video surveillance systems that allow you to watch and listen to what's happening in any room. The entire system can be switched on and off using the digital keypad or a transponder key.

Energy saving. With By-me no energy is wasted: the control is constant, the power distribution is intelligent and the savings are significant. The “Energy Guard” function, for example, monitors consumption in real time, assuring prompt information on the home's energy usage. The touch screen records precise information on consumption, both instantaneously and for a given time frame, and displays consumption logs to assure more aware energy use

Communication. With By-me, communication knows no bounds. When you're at home you can monitor the whole system from a LAN or WI-FI network and, with the videotouch screen and the door entry panels, nothing happening inside or outside will escape your attention. When you are away you can still interact with and supervise the whole automation system from a computer via the Internet, or from a latest generation smartphone or tablet such as the iPhone or iPad.

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