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Compact Electricheat, The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Pool

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11 Oct 2015

Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up relaxing and unwinding in the pool. To help beat the colder weather AstralPool presents Compact ElectricHeat, the newest model in its range of electric heaters.

With a more modern and efficient design, the collection of heaters designed by Fluidra Group brand AstralPool is the best investment pool owners can make to ensure that spas and pools can be used year-round. Let’s find out why!

Compact Electricheat, The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Pool

The new “All in 1” Compact ElectricHeat is more compact and simple and features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with tactile sensors and an OLED display for easy and comfortable heater set-up. The system can manage water temperature (intake and discharged), the set-point temperature and the flow status.

The AstralPool engineering team has given the Compact ElectricHeat range of heaters variable capacity to increase performance: thanks to its three electrical resistances, users can adjust the system’s power consumption according to the pool or spa’s needs.

This revolutionary series of heaters for swimming pools and spas is also made with Incoloy, an alloy highly resistant to rust and corrosion in aquatic environments and high temperatures.

Moreover, pool owners can get their pool warm and ready for swimming in record time with Compact ElectricHeat’s linear configuration, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

Unlike the brand’s earlier models, which use electricity meters, the new range runs on an innovative electronic technology (Triacs). With this design the heater no longer has moving mechanical parts, preventing noise, reducing wear and tear and ensuring enhanced reliability.

Another key feature that sets Compact ElectricHeat apart from other heaters on the market is that all the parts are installed inside the mechanism for a significantly longer useful life.

The Compact ElectricHeat includes five models to heat pools and spas from 10 to 60 m3: Compact 3, Compact 6, Compact 9, Compact 12 and Compact 18.


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