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Energy saving and innovative fan coil units from Finland

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6 Sep 2017

Grand Vari Mini AHU can be integrated as a part of the room without any visible technology. It provides comfort and it is easy to use. The new EC-motor and technical solutions provide a unique combination in market.

When you switch on the Grand VariTM fan coil or an LED lamp, you will not detect any difference in energy consumption. It gives 30% energy savings in hotel rooms.

Energy saving and innovative fan coil units from Finland


In a normal hotel room, the Grand Vari consumes as much energy as one LED lamp. The EC-motor allows a stepless adjustment of the fan from 0 to 100%. The annual energy consumption is only a fraction of any previous solution.

The EC-grille has two parts for intake and blowing. In addition, fresh air is blown through the grill into the room. The non-mixed airflow from the room allow a bigger logarithmic temperature difference between air and water compared to a conventional solution.

Use Mini AHU instead of ducted fancoils. High efficiency and low sound level allows to use setpoint changes effectively in water chiller.


The new EC-grille allow non-draught blowing because air is forced along the ceiling.


Grrand Vari Mini Air Handling Units are produced from high quality materials. Because of continuous development and careful testing, the units are very energy efficient and produce a very low sound level.

Carbon emissions and life cycle costs are only a fraction compared to any other product on the market. The units require only a little of service. They can be delivered with valves from the factory.


Grand Vari is mounted on a solid ceiling surface. The collar and grille are installed against a wall surface. All technical connections are located at the rear side of the unit. No ducting is needed.


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