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FCN Launches New Low Carbon Paving Stones Using Betolar’s Geoprime Solution

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25 Sep 2022

Betolar’s customer FCN takes another step towards reducing CO2 emissions. The supplier of concrete block products for gardening and landscaping has already been producing in a CO2-neutral manner since 2021. FCN has now introduced a new innovative technology in its production that can reduce the CO2 emissions of concrete paving blocks and products by up to 80%.

FCN Launches New Low Carbon Paving Stones Using Betolar’s Geoprime Solution

In the "classic" production method of concrete paving blocks, cement has been used as a binder up to now. The disadvantage of this raw material is that a lot of CO2 emissions are released during its production. The current composition of a concrete block paving with a stone height of 8 cm emits around 20 kg of CO2 per square meter. With Geoprime® solution and FCN’s innovative manufacturing technology, this figure can be significantly reduced to less than 5 kg of CO2 per square meter. That is 75% less compared to the previous value.

With its new production technology, FCN is using a development from the Finnish start-up company Betolar: a so-called geopolymer binder. This combines industrial by-products, such as granulated blast furnace slag produced during steelmaking, with special alkaline liquids.

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Betolar. We have received great technical support from them in taking Geoprime in use in our production. In the concrete industry everyone talks about reducing CO2 now and we are happy to be able to respond to this demand. We are very excited to show these new products”, says Bernhard Klöppner, CEO of the F.C. Nüdling Betonelemente.

“We are happy to see that FCN has moved into production phase after extensive testing. Our cooperation with FCN has been close during the testing period and we have reached very good results together. It is great to see these new concrete products”, tells Janne Rauramo, Head of EMEA, Betolar Plc.

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