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About Gulf Sondex FZCO

Gulf Sondex FZCO

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United Arab Emirates
+971 4 8809979
+971 4 8809751
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Sondex was established in 1984 with a strong and simple mission; to strive to be the best and to keep every single promise to the customer. Today, this Danish company is well known for its impeccable performance, innovative products and for its enduring credibility.

Over the decades, all this has contributed to the phenomenal success of the company. An impressive market share and flawless reputation are the hallmarks of Sondex.

The brand has grown and achieved an indelible presence in Europe, USA, the Far East and the Middle East. Our sister companies in USA, Australia, Poland, France, U.K., Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Romania provide a strong network of agents and suppliers on a global scale. With a working team of 350 employees, the company is well prepared to meet the escalating demands of the industry.

In a region where cooling is required round the clock, round the year, the role of heat exchangers is optimal. Right from HVAC, Oil & Gas, Marine, Food & Dairy and other individual applications the need for high quality heat exchange systems is always on the rise. The products are both compact and efficient and the after sales service matches the best on offer. Naturally, Sondex has gained the trust of clients and aims to extend the market boundaries in the near future.

Tradenames: Sondex.

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DS/EN ISO 9001:2000
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Gulf Sondex - Hot Mission Cool Vision
Sondex is your trusted partner for District Cooling Applications
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Sondex Product Overview
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Sondex Welded Heat Exchangers SPS & SAW
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Sondex Plate Heat Exchangers for Sanitary Applications
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Sondex Plate Heat Exchangers for Marine Applications
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Sondex Operation and Maintenance Manual
Plate Type Heat Exchangers
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Our Services
It Pays to Go Green with Energy Saving Services
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Sondex Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger A gasket plate heat exchanger consists of a number of pressed metal plates each with a rubber gasket. The gaskets are arranged in such a way so as to allow two fluids to pass in opposite directions up and down alternate channels. The design of the... Brochures    
Sondex Semi Welded Plates Built up in plate cassettes. A plate cassette is 2 plates welded together by means of laser welding. The advantage by this construction is on the one side welded plate channel and on the other side a traditional plate channel with gaskets making... Brochures    
Sondex Free Flow Plates Our Sondex 'Free Flow' product range offers distinct advantages, especially when used for liquids containing solids, particles, fibres or high viscous products i.e. pulp/paper industry, waste water treatment plants, sugar industry, juice production,... Brochures    
Sondex Sonder Safe Plates The Sondex Sonder Safe system consists of two thin flow plates pressed together. The two plates form a pair of plates allowing possible leaks to be seen from outside between the two plates. This prevents a mixing of the products and warns about... Brochures    
Sondex Plate & Shell This heat exchanger works in the same way as an ordinary tubular unit. However, it is more efficient because plates have been used instead of tubes. The plates are laser/TIG welded together to form a plate pack, which is then mounted inside a... Brochures    
Sondex Freshwater Distiller Sondex freshwater distiller utilizes the heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water by evaporating sea water under high vacuum, enabling the feed water to evaporate at temperatures below 48°C. Steam can also be used... Brochures    


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Sondex Services and Repairs Sondex also offer services and repairs related to their plate heat exchangers. Spare Parts
Cleaning and Regasketing
Performance Redesign
On Site Supervision

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