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Italamp Adria, the contemporary alternative to a chandelier

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9 Jul 2017

The contemporary alternative to a chandelier, reinvented with a fresh, dynamic approach, which is the distinguishing feature of Nava+Nava designers. This is the idea behind Adria, a thread that connects the past to the future, as the name itself implies. Adria is the origin of the name of the Adriatic Sea, a body of water that has played a key role in human evolution and fosters the exchange of cultures and goods.

Italamp Adria, the contemporary alternative to a chandelier

While the most characteristic elements of chandeliers – the central stem and bobeches – have been maintained, they have been redesigned in a play of balances to create a bold effect. Adria is a “destructured” suspension light that stunningly combines transparent glass shades with slender, minimalistic and unobtrusive supports.

Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio of Nava+Nava Design Studio explained, “In this way, the concept of the classic chandelier was turned over and simplified – the central stem is counterbalanced with bobeches supported not from below with arms, but suspended from above with supports inspired by modern architecture in a play of harmonious contrasts of modern and classic elements”.

It features luminous drops suspended in mid-air, an entwining of delicate yet bold “strings”, disconnected elements that take shape in a skilfully ordered combination of innovation and classic atmospheres. The light emitted from the glass does not lose that exquisite, romantic allure that distinguishes this material, worked with undisputed mastery by Italamp.

Adria seeks to continue the company’s great tradition in the world of chandeliers, while also opening new avenues where tradition meets innovation, thanks to both design and technology.
A versatile product, it can meet the diverse needs of architects, designers and final users, offering design ideas and special details that are well-suited to settings ranging from residential to contract.


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