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About Knauf Exterior Wall

Knauf Exterior Wall

The Knauf Exterior wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside is a new generation building material that can be utilized to create long lasting structures offering advantages unobtainable to conventional construction materials.

As a resilient and weather proof system the Knauf Exterior Wall forms a building envelope that's able to resist extreme rain and humidity. It's completely water resistant and since it's inorganic, it won't get mouldy, soften, or swell.

With up to 75% less weight in the installed wall compared to conventional materials there's greater design freedom and superior performance available for every application. New build or renovation, Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside offers unrivalled economic and sustainability advantages.

Key Benefits of the Knauf Exterior Wall:

  • Slimmer wall with the same energy performance (0.20 W/m2 K at a thickness of only 22 cm compared to 32-34,5 cm for blocks, both with 16 cm insulation)
  • Faster construction time (up to 27% faster) compared to brick and block.
  • Up to 8% extra interior room due to the thinner width of the materials.
  • Better energy performance achievable with more space for additional insulation to save energy and reduce costs during occupation.
  • Comparable acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance to brick and block, with the additional benefit of being a lighter construction.

  • Knauf Exterior Walls don't confine a building but instead they make space. The result of using Knauf Exterior Walls is up to 8.4% more interior space than conventional construction.

    Not Just a Wall, But a Whole Solution

    At Knauf, we have the complete exterior wall system for your project. As an entire solution, with every component available directly from us. See the whole range of accessories that contribute to the complete Knauf Exterior Wall.

    It's not just easy to construct, but faster than brick and block too, enabling a faster return on investment. See exactly how much faster Knauf walls get built.

    Knauf Exterior Wall with AQUAPANEL® Technology Inside includes high performance ceiling systems. Ideal as a suspended ceiling for a long-lasting system to cover and protect exterior areas. These ceiling systems can help you ensure that you can raise the roof on possibility. They offer light and easy to install materials through a tried and tested system that symbolizes complete certainty and innovation without risk.

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