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About Knauf Readygips Joint Filler and Finishing Compound

Knauf Readygips Joint Filler and Finishing Compound

Readygips is a high performance pre-mixed compound that is used for embedded joint tapes, beads and finishing of Gypsum panel joints. This compound offers superior working quality and has a good crack resistance due to its excellent bond. Readygips gives the smoothest of finishes with minimum efforts, its formulation ensures a professional /quality drywall finish every time.

Complies with: ASTM C475 and ASTM D3273


  • Ready to use
  • No mixing or setting times
  • Pliable consistence
  • Easy filling
  • Easy Workability
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to sand with Knauf Hand Rasp with Handle
Fabric - Knauf Readygips consists of synthetic dispersion as binder and an exactly set-up combination of particle- sized mineral calcium sulfate fillers and suspending agent.

Protect against direct solar radiation and temperatures below 0°C (32°F) Store in cool, dry ventilated areas & away from sources of heat and moisture.

Shelf Life
6 Months if stored at standard temperature of >+5°C

Order Information
  • 28 kf Bucket
  • 28 kg Bucket
  • 48 Buckets Per Pallet
  • Material Code: 421382
Fields of Application
  • Indoor for wallpaper and coatable skimming of wall and ceiling plasters (gypsum, lime, lime-cement plasters), of concrete surfaces and aerated concrete.
  • Joint filling of gypsum boards with SE and TE edges together with joint tape by hand.
  • As finish on gypsum board joints, already filled with Knauf Uniflott or Knauf Fugenfuller flush with board surface, to create surfaces with surface quality level "Q3".
  • For skimming of entire gypsum board surface as background for the creating of surface quality level "Q4".
  • Knauf Readygips is not appropriate to fill joints of perforated boards.
  • Filling in the joints of gypsum boards along with a Joint tape up to Q2 surface quality.
  • Finishing and skim coating entire gypsum board surfaces before applying paint on walls and ceilings up to Q4 surface quality.
  • Renovation works, as well as general repairing works.

Brochures for Knauf Readygips Joint Filler and Finishing Compound

Brochures for Knauf Readygips Joint Filler and Finishing Compound
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Knauf Readygips Datasheet
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