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Konecranes introduces a new heavy-duty overhead crane to the Middle East

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25 Aug 2015

The latest Konecranes built-up trolley crane, known as UNITON, is a robust overhead crane, which has been developed in close cooperation between Konecranes customers and Konecranes industry experts & engineers. The outcome is a rugged construction concept, which is suitable for process duty applications in a variety of industries, such as Steel, Mining, Automotive, or in Shipyards.

Konecranes introduces a new heavy-duty overhead crane to the Middle East

UNITON is designed to adapt

Available in a wide range of load options, hoisting speeds, lifting heights, trolley gauges, frame sizes, and capacities from 6.3 to 160 tons with a single trolley and up to 320 tons with two trolleys, Konecranes’ UNITON can be built to meet project-specific requirements in almost any application and environment. Factors like temperature, humidity, and corrosive elements are all anticipated during manufacturing, which helps extend the lifetime of the crane.

Smooth and reliable operation

UNITON is easy to use for crane operators, due to the availability of variable frequency drives on all motions (bridge, trolley, and hoist). This provides a smoother lifting experience and helps the operator to keep the lifted load steady, while a reduction in wear on mechanical components can be seen compared to contractor-controlled cranes.
Ease-of-use is further supported by a large variety of pendants and radio control devices as well as with a new patented hook safety latch, which holds the latch open to avoid pinching of fingers.

Cost savings and increased work efficiency

With load control features, like Extended Speed Range (ESR), which comes as standard and ESR+ (available for selected motors), energy costs can be reduced, while the productivity can be increased. The stepless inverter hoisting technology enables that loads with less than 20% of the rated capacity are able to be operated at twice the nominal speed. With ESR+, loads carrying less than 10% of the rated capacity can even travel up to 300% of the nominal speed. Crane operators are able to use the right speed at the right time and can therefore not only work more efficiently but can also save on costs. The savings are achieved by drawing only the power necessary to perform each lift, which can reduce the monthly operating costs significantly. In addition, optional load control features, like sway control, inching and microspeed, further help to improve speed, accuracy, and safety.

Safety, Reliability, and Ease-of-Maintenance

UNITON’s design and construction make maintenance and part replacement easy. An example of this is the box-end trucks with a 90-degree MCB-type bearing housing. This eliminates the need for heavy jacks or other special tools and makes the removal of trolley and bridge wheels an easy and safe operation.

The robust design also benefits from a two-point drum suspension, which inhibits deflections of the rope drum from causing misalignment in the connection between the drum and gearbox.

Summing up, Konecranes Head of Process Cranes Middle East, Kari Anttila says “Uniton offers a competitive, heavy-duty lifting solution for customers in the Middle East, which can be tailored to unique needs without compromising quality”

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