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New Emerson Tank Inventory Software Application

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28 Apr 2021

Emerson has launched Rosemount TankMaster Mobile – the world’s first cross-platform inventory management software application for tank gauging systems – providing immediate secure access to critical tank data. By making real-time data available to a wider range of stakeholders via smartphones, tablets and computers, this easy-to-use mobile solution facilitates better decision-making and improved operational efficiency and safety.

New Emerson Tank Inventory Software Application

Within the tank storage, oil and gas, petrochemical and refining, chemical, and food and beverage industries, tank gauging data often remains siloed in legacy systems to which few have access. However, to digitally transform their operations and make performance improvements, organizations need to provide instant data access to a broader range of job functions. This includes personnel in the field, management, those in sales, purchasing and finance, and additional stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, traders, product owners and customs authorities.

The Rosemount TankMaster Inventory Management Software suite is a powerful package that collects real-time tank gauging data such as level, temperature, water interface level and pressure, and calculates volume and mass for inventory and custody transfer purposes. Rosemount TankMaster Mobile is offered as an addition to this existing software suite infrastructure, adding mobility, sharing and networking.

Rosemount TankMaster Mobile provides mobile access to live tank data, providing a clear overview of all tanks at a facility, with the ability to quickly drill-down to detailed information resulting in more efficient tank monitoring. Features include the ability to organize tanks in groups, customize which tank parameters are displayed, and quickly set a watchlist monitoring tanks of special importance. User groups can be created with different privileges to view tanks and tank parameters. Functionality to generate and export reports will also be available.

This application meets the requirements for network and system security detailed in the international standard IEC 62443-3-3. Its design is based on a three-tier architecture that constitutes separate security zones, and all the data transported is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security protocol. It also supports two-factor log-in to help ensure that only authorized users can access the system.

“To improve their operational performance and make vital efficiency gains, organizations are increasingly looking to make real-time tank gauging data available to a growing number of stakeholders,” said Per Skogberg, solutions manager with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “By facilitating secure mobile access to this information, Rosemount TankMaster Mobile provides the opportunity to increase efficiency, drive productivity and improve collaboration throughout the supply chain.”

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