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New Restaurant by Masquespacio - The Ultimate Fine Dining and Design Experience

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28 Jun 2021

New Restaurant by Masquespacio - The Ultimate Fine Dining and Design Experience


With the new capsule collection designed by Masquespacio for Essential Home, our Mid-Century Studio created a unique restaurant virtual experience to elevate your inspiration.
Our main goal with this restaurant tour is to give you the opportunity to see more product options, more materials, and scenarios with this new collection inspired by the iconic old “Hollywood Glamour”.< p/>


As you step inside this unique nature-inspired restaurant project by Masquespacio, the presence of natural raw materials and smooth light in the beautiful Charlie Suspension pieces provides a sensation of calmness and relaxation... A great start to a great fine dining experience.

Like any other design created by Christophe and Ana, this unique design project enhances the beauty of nature through unique textures and color combinations.


Featuring unique custom design products from the new Hollywood Glamour collection, such as the Kerr dining chair, Nesbit armchair, the Fawcett wall lamp, and the Zsa Zsa bar chair, the interior design brings to life in perfect harmony the three product sets designed by Ana and Christophe for Essential Home. While you are waiting for your table to be prepared, enjoy a welcoming drink in the beautiful entry lounge of this nature-inspired restaurant by Masquespacio.


The stand out of the entry lounge area is the beautiful terracotta-inspired bar space, where the raw natural textures of the counter go all the way to the floor and are complemented with the fun burlesque vibe of the new Zsa Zsa bar chair from Essential Home«s new collection. Featuring some rich velvety upholstery and gold finish, this unique bar product is a reinterpretation of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s sensuality and fun personality. The “cherry on top the cake” is the fringes in the bar chair’s back fringes that bring to the interior design the fun side of the burlesque concept of the “Moulin Rouge”.


Welcoming cocktails are over and it’s time to start the fine dining experience. The main dining room area is a showstopper since we can see two very different materials, terrazzo and terracotta, come together in one cohesive and flowy design.


To achieve this unique color contrast, Ana and Christophe, play with Essential Home’s customization skills and presented the dining room products from the Hollywood Glamour collection, in different colors. For example, this unique set shows the potential that the unique Patterson dining chair has in different colors and textures.


While the terracotta area gives some richness to the dining area of this trendy restaurant design, the terrazzo side (on the hand) creates a sense of lightness through the use of the unique pastel blue color palette. The soft shades of the upholstery are enhanced with some luxurious polished brass details, as you can see in the Kerr dining chair and Cary dining table, two unique products from Maquespacio’s new collection for Essential Home.


Standing next to the terrazzo dining space, fully furnished with light blue upholstery elements, is the grand bar space that goes with this soft blue palette. Once again the natural terrazzo look from the counter flows to the floor and is complemented with the fun McCarey bar chair from one of the product sets designed by Masquespacio. Featuring a fun and creative sense of style as its inspiration (Thomas Leo McCarey), this unique bar chair piece is upholstered in a smooth velvet fabric that is combined with some bright brass details in its structure.


One special feature of this nature-inspired restaurant design is the modern lounge area right next to the main terrazzo bar space. Here Ana and Christophe wanted to give you space where the customer can relax and enjoy a drink after the fine dining experience. This unique space is all about the popular neutral tones coming together to life with some rich golden details, such as the Brubeck wall lamps or the geometrical Ernest side table by Studiopepe. The perfect space to end the ultimate fine dining experience in a one-of-a-kind restaurant designed by Masquespacio.

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