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Nomad Inception launches Luxury Parquet Floors

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13 Jan 2015

Nomad Inception launches Luxury Parquet Floors

Nomad Inception, a company formed by the entrepreneurial vision and the multiple passion of two brothers Luis Fernando and Julian Eduardo Molina, has announced the launch of one of its most exclusive products namely Luxury Parquet Floors.

Nomad Inception’s Luxury Parquet Floors carries a line of Designer’s Collections. The range features the works of the most renowned geometric artists worldwide, namely Jay Bonner, Eric Broug and Jean –Marc Castera, and each of the designers is introduced with their own Signature Collection. As of now, the Molina Brothers have three different designs available, while the rest of the artists have one each. These collections will expand adding new designs in the near future.

The floors combine the luxury of the finest precious hardwoods with Nomad Inception’s unique ability to produce the most complex geometric patterns wherein the USP stands in the exquisite designs featuring rich and sophisticated compositions.

Nomad Inception’s hardwood floors are a unique offering in this category, as the company is the first and only one to have developed the technology necessary to produce such compositions without breaking the designs into horizontal and vertical lines.

Mr. Julian Eduardo Molina, Co-founder of Nomad Inception, said, “Our creations are pieces of art: the modern expression of centuries’ worth of tradition passed on though generations. They bear the load of time and embody the lost secrets of ancient artists, mathematicians and craftspeople; the mysteries of civilization responsible for impressive scientific and technological progress along with exquisite art and literature. Our floors makes imprints the living environment with character; it makes a statement. We are quite hopeful that this product will hit the right chord with the target audience.”

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