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Office at Home - Creating Inspiring Workplaces

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2 Nov 2020

By isolating and spending more time at home, many of the services and services that people are used to getting outside of their four walls, are now being transferred into their households. Home delivery, online shopping, the digital component of a persons' life has never been so important than what it is nowadays.

So, people started to look at their refugee place as a workspace as well. Innovation and renovating needs to meet other levels, both for aesthetic but also to create an inspiring creative, and productive place.

Although ideally isolated from the disturbance of everyday life and household distractions, these new working spaces, offices, and rooms must read seamlessly into the design, architecture, and decoration of every other division.

Office at Home - Creating Inspiring Workplaces

Covet House, along its exciting brands like Boca Do Lobo, Delightfull, Brabbu, Koket, Maison Valentina, Circu, Luxxu, Essential Home, Rug’society, Pullcast, Foogo, and Caffe Latte, has prepared a curated selection of ambiances, ideas and products for making a productive and creative working space.

With today's reality, a house has become more than a haven.

Inspired all by nature, this set and combination of upholstery, casegoods, lighting, and accessories are a way of exquisitely bring some natural and outside elements to a home office. The centerpiece of this example is the Baraka Desk with a contrast between ancient and contemporary lines and very raw appearance and quite an organic shape of the walnut wood.

Gold is a theme in this ambiance which perfectly conveys the other earthly tones a standout. Small details in this office upgrade this room into luxury territory. Kerma Doorpull, also inspired in nature, has an organic shape and lustrous gold color, being a perfect example of how to provide a room the glamour and appeal of a corporate office at home.

On the other hand, for a more sophisticated and leaner look, the use of neutral colors and more strict lines in the decoration, the variety of materials and finishes (especially the use of marble), transpires luxury, professionalism, and most of all a modern style decor. Easily the most approachable look, this ambiance combines two mid-century modern brands, by using has a centerpiece the Lasden Desk with a heavier and masculine combination of finishes.

Also matching flawlessly into the look, is the timeless Miles Table Lamp, with a very characteristic design that doesn't need any other accessories to shine. Another item that could fit into this look seamlessly is the Shield Mirror by Maison Valentina. Complementing the colors, materials, and shapes of Luxxu's Charla Office Chair.

Luxury and taste in absolute harmony.

Having a feminine and powerful decoration in a home office can be quite different from a masculine aesthetic. Not that the adjectives mean that masculine and feminine should be categorized or associated with a specific case means that the use of subtle and lighter elements, exuding femininity in the details like fabrics, textures, and shapes. On the other hand masculine aesthetic usually evoking the use of bold colors, leathers, harsh and strict lines contrasting with the fluidity of a feminine design.

This office inspiration by Koket provides an androgynous look. With both feminine and masculine elements complementing it. The classical aspect of the Marveille Dining Chair is one of the standouts of this look with carefully assembled feather bac and its white fabric. The other elements in black with harsher lines incorporated in their designs to ultimately create a powerful and inspiring ambiance.

Excellent addition to this ambiance is the Rosary Rug with a classic approach that would ultimately provide a subtle feminine appeal and match perfectly with all the elements from Koket.

Finally, creating fun and cheerful ambiances for children that being homeschooled is quite the task. Having exciting looks that power and boosts creativity with being a boring classroom vibe. Having the kids entertained and learning at home without compromising their education is both exciting and worrisome. The magical and enjoyable kids’ office/playground ambiance is a very serious business, using ergonomy, functionality, and design, Circu created an impressive ambiance to inspire a creative environment and spark the little one’s mind.

The two new pieces, the Bubble Gum Desk and Little Bunny Chair from this magical brand are the cutest and most beautiful children items to provide all the tools for a happy learning, inserted in an interesting and ever-evolving environment.

Also illuminatingly fun is the Atomic Pendant from Delightfull that will spark the imagination.

Truly magical.

All Images: Covet House  


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