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Pink Wall Shades for a Cheerful Home

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1 Aug 2023

Pink is currently one of the hottest colours in home décor due to its versatility and cheerful palette. Traditionally used to signify femininity, sweetness, and love, the colour's association is gradually transforming to include empowerment, positivity and fun. By adding warmth and depth into spaces with a playful ambience, it is making its mark in the world of interior design.

With global appeal inspiring many different shades of pink to be used in public spaces, homes and even movie set designs, Jotun Paints houses several pink hues that invite an exciting array of emotions into interior spaces. By combining conventional elements with contemporary flair, Jotun’s pink tones help match the mood with aesthetics.

With Jotun’s premium interior paints featuring advanced easy clean technology, improving indoor air quality and emitting no smell, any pink shade can be chosen for a quick room makeover to prepare for the season of pink.

Below are some of our picks for the quintessential pink makeover:

Rose Basket

Pink Wall Shades for a Cheerful Home

A playful and versatile bright pink that exudes a charming vibe. Enhance the room’s backdrop by incorporating quirky accessories with more shades of pink and darker statement pieces to balance the visual appeal.
Jotun Color Code: 2619


With a tinge of orange and peach, this pink hue offers a mood-lifting invitation into any space. It maximizes brightness in spaces with ample natural light and also blends effectively with brighter or darker colours. Consider adding patterned furnishings and décor to contrast its smooth appeal. Its welcoming nature also makes it ideal for nurseries.
Jotun Color Code: 2602


A powdery pink that aligns with modern aesthetics. It contrasts well with grey and white and accentuates the appearance of metallic and geometric accessories. Include some funky wall art to create an aura of affordable luxury.
Jotun Color Code: 2782

Pink Clay

A minimalistic pink sporting a touch of maroon, this hue makes walls stand out when complementing brighter tones. It works well with open furniture, wooden floors and neutral décor while balancing style and simplicity
Jotun Color Code: 3404

Delightful Pink

A fresh pink shade that incorporates a brownish tone. This colour can be used alongside warm earthy tones and neutrals adding depth and a contemporary edge to rooms. It also pairs well with other pink accessories for a vibrant glow.
Jotun Color Code: 2992

Rustic Pink

A subdued pink tone with a hint of gold. This peaceful hue provides a cool ambience when combined with burnt terracotta and red nuances. Moreover, it also emanates a natural feel when combined with rounded ceramic and wooden accessories.
Jotun Color Code: 12086

Warm Blush

A reddish pink signifying passion, this colour demands attention and exhibits emotional impact. Adding accents of black on the wall or through accessories can foster an atmosphere of power and tenacity with a hint of excitement. Similarly, the intense atmosphere can be tempered by integrating shades of grey for a more elegant feel.
Jotun Color Code: 2856

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