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About Transgulf Kerbs


Transgulf Kerbs

Transgulf Kerbs

Our ranges of hydraulically pressed Kerbstones are designed to complement block paving and at the same time serves as an ideal, attractive and versatile edge restraint. Extensive engineering and a good selection of components make this an exceptional bonding unit for paving blocks.

Kerbing improves delineation of road edges and contributes to the appearance and safety of the road.

Some of the main purposes of the kerbstone are: Improvement of aesthetic values of the road alignment; To protect pedestrians; To assist drainage; To improve channelization and delineation of traffic flows.

The heel kerb is one of the most economical of all kerbstone varieties. A small unit kerb, it is designed for maximum versatility with the ability to combine harmoniously with any of our varied paving styles. Our heel kerbs are made using two-part vibrating technology, fortifying the kerb for maximum strength. They are also one of the few variety of kerbs that can be laid ‘flush’, or in other words, laid in level with the ground.

Heel kerbs come with a unique dentate that helps one kerb “interlock” with the next. This is a unique feature within kerbs and helps this range have a excellent connecting strength. Available in a variety of colours and finishes to use with varied paving styles, the heel kerb is a simple, universal solution to any of your kerb needs.

Brochures for Transgulf Kerbs

Brochures for Transgulf Kerbs
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