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Vimar Smart Thermostats for Temperature Control

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19 Oct 2021

Vimar Smart Thermostats for Temperature Control

New, simple and versatile solutions for the heating and cooling control of environments. Stylish thermostats, designed to be integrated within our home and building automation systems, offer superior performance levels which contribute towards improving energy consumption and constitute a responsible choice for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Efficiency and savings

Indeed, various studies demonstrate that a smart thermostat allows you to save up to 10% energy in heating and up to 15% in cooling, and that during winter every additional degree of temperature corresponds to a 7% increase in your energy bill in addition to greater CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Eikon Tactil

The new Eikon Tactil touch thermostat constitutes an exclusive element that enhances domestic comfort levels. The new thermostat is so stylish and elegant that it has clinched the prestigious Red Dot Award 2021. Made in plate glass in the black and white diamond finishes, with RGB LED matrix display. Featuring touch technology and a proximity sensor – which turns the display on as soon as you approach the device - the thermostat is easy to install and is suitable for any application, whether residential or in the service industry.

The innovative 3D gesture function also allows you to control it simply using gestures, without touching it. Available with both By-me Plus technology and KNX protocol, it integrates in our home & building automation systems offering an additional stylish touch to domestic settings and hotel facilities too thanks to the three variants available: with customisable function key, with fan coil unit control key or with key for Hotel functions to signal the status of the room.

Dial thermostat

Simple and understated, the new dial thermostat combines the ease of a dial control with the clear LED matrix display which is perfectly visible even from afar. In addition to the ring with backlighting to control the temperature, it has four rapid push buttons: temperature measurement unit selection (°C or °F); customisable function, to call up the scenarios in a By-me Plus or KNX system, for instance; fan coil fan speed selection and on/off push button. Produced in two colours - grey and white – it blends in seamlessly with any domestic styles and is available for the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea wiring series using a dedicated mounting frame.

Climate control is connected to your lifestyle

The new thermostats can be controlled in various ways: locally, by operating the device itself via smartphone, using the View or By-web Apps (for KNX systems) which allow you to manage and programme the temperature in various environments, even when you are out.

For the By-me Plus systems, control via voice assistants is also enabled, as is the integration with the IFTTT service, which paves the way towards partnerships with third-party manufacturers to expand the number of devices that can be integrated, enhancing domestic comfort and optimising consumption levels. This completes Vimar’s temperature control range, designed for any type of system: stand alone, smart and home automation systems for state-of-the-art integrated systems.

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