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About Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Power Supplies

The Full Range of Switched-Mode Power Supply Units

Efficient, lightweight, compact design: The 787 Series WAGO switched-mode power supply units for DIN rail mounting are multi-purpose devices suitable for industrial as well as home applications.
Due to a wide range of input voltages (90 V – 264 V AC or 130 V – 300 V DC) and the capability of buffering long power failures, the units are suitable for all types of power lines. Depending on the version the devices provide a stabilized output voltage of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V DC with a maximal output current of 10 A (single phase) to 40 A (3-phase, only 24 V). A serial connection is possible as well as a parallel set-up.

Each device is short-circuit and open-circuit protected. The contacts prevent from connecting equipment in reverse polarity. A high degree of efficiency, lightweight, and a compact design make these units suitable for any application. Operation without derating is possible in environments of up to 50°C.

Brochures for Power Supplies

Brochures for Power Supplies
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23 09 00 - Instrumentation and Control for HVAC
25 00 00 - Integrated Automation
25 52 00 - Integrated Automation Control of Conveying Equipment
25 55 00 - Integrated Automation Control of HVAC
25 56 00 - Integrated Automation Control of Electrical Systems
25 57 00 - Integrated Automation Control of Communications Systems
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26 24 00 - Switchboards and Panelboards

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