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About WAGO Compact Splicing Connectors 222 Series

WAGO Compact Splicing Connectors 222 Series

With the development of Compact Splicing Connectors, 222 Series, WAGO set a further milestone within the building installation. At least, it was possible to convert directly flexible conductors without a pre-treatment process of conductors by soldering or pressing on ferrules.

– Easy opening the clamping unit using the lever, inserting stripped conductor and closing the clamp. Due to the spring contact the durable safe connection is ready.

Nowadays 222 Series of WAGO describes a defined standard, if flexible conductors, flexible with solid conductors or small with large cross section have to be connected. In daily practice the WAGO 222

has proved oneself. These terminal blocks have all features, which are necessary for all varied applications:

  • The terminal block of 222 Series is designed for conductors with cross sections up to 4 mm2 and a maximum nominal current of 32A. Thus, it covers e. g. the installation of low-voltage luminaries, with bigger cross sections.

    Furthermore, these terminal blocks ensure a one-hundred percent protection against contact to metal parts in all handling and working situations. In the connected status the conductor insulation intrude into the terminal block very deeply. The normative required distance between tangible surfaces and conducting components of minimum 4 mm is guaranteed. A danger of the user is excluded.

    • For the permanent safe contacting of the conductor to the current bar it is essential to get the contact point gas-tight. For this reason WAGO tins the current bar of every terminal block. At bare current bars, however, corrosion of the contact point can be a danger. A lower electrical contract and a higher temperature rise result. Furthermore, it is important that all single wires of the conductor are clamped securely. This becomes reality by the use of the funnel formed conductor openings.
      • The global application of WAGO 222 requires the observation of many local product standards. Differential certificates e. g. UL, EN,IED, etc. have to be obtained and corresponding test symbols have to be placed on the products. Without a valid application it is not allowed to sell these products in particular scopes of application.

      WAGO developed with the 222 Series a product, which lives up to further requirements besides the usual certificates within building installation. Ship permissions e. g. make further demands according to the safety against vibration and shock. Moreover, WAGO developed accessories like mounting carriers. These components permit the installation of 222 Series in distribution boards and expand, thereby, areas of application.

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