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Winter Trends 2020 - The Hottest Trends For The Coolest Season

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12 Sep 2020

It's time to change our clocks and the days grow smaller, but one thing that remains untouched is the necessity of creating new, warm, and trendy ambiances. Having an emphasis on color and creating a cozy, comforting scheme, the following trends represent perfectly what Winter is all about: family, friends, and nurture.

Covet House along its exquisite and luxurious brands like Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, Brabbu, Koket, Maison Valentina, Circu, Luxxu, Essential Home, Rug’Society, Pullcast, Foogo, and the most recent Caffe Latte, has compiled a panoply of casegoods, upholstery, lighting, and accessories of what experts across the design industry predict the major trends coming this winter.

Winter Trends 2020 - The Hottest Trends For The Coolest Season

A trend forecast focused on the key elements to create a cohesive, fashionable, and comfortable look: Aesthetics, Patterns, Fabrics and Textures and Color Palette.

Aesthetics - Integrated Hardware

With clean lines and minimalist appeal, functionality is the keyword for the overall aesthetics for every room this Winter. Seamless and sleek designs reign over past trends, with pieces complementing storage, lighting, and other utilities with clean lines and shapes.

The new pieces from Circu are the perfect show-stopping pieces to create both contemporary, magical, and the utmost trendy ambiances. The Bubble Gum Bed (1) features curved, geometrical shapes combined with LED features. A standout piece with various storage compartments in customizable modules.

On the other hand, the top board of the Bubble Gum Desk (2) gives the perfect space to hang all of the notes and favorite pictures so that the desk can feel like a personal space. Also with a small personal LED light and storage space, completely magical. Finally, with a cohesive design throughout all the collection, the Bubble Gum Big Mirror (3) is the culmination of all the previous features, gathering storage, lighting, and a simplistically designed wall mirror into one whimsical piece.


Aesthetics - Simple Luxuries

Together with sleek and clean lines, the perfect way to decorate and uplift a room this Winter will be adding a simple luxury to the overall decor. 2019 brought a lot of loud and extravagant looks and combinations, this season is all about simplicity and the simple luxuries that translate to a warmer and softer environment.

“Home is supposed to be a place of security, the last resort of refuge.”
- Janvier Chouteu-Chando, Disciples of Fortune

Essential Home, Luxxu, and Pullcast, are some of the brands that can be perfectly integrated into some luxurious yet simple ambiances. The Miranda Table Lamp (1) has the shape of a classic pineapple, which has been a classic symbol used in decorative arts and architecture, this modern table lamp conveys a sense of hospitality, finished in golden brass is the perfect little luxury addition that will not go unnoticed. Although an eye-catching piece, the McQueen Chandelier (2), combine the best luxury with the most exquisite handmade materials. With handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals, makes a perfect simple luxury item in every living room.

But not all the focus should be on the biggest pieces. Luxury can be found in the smallest of the details, like in Pullcast’s Roman CM3031 (3) and Liberty CM3025 (4), which are superb examples of how a little piece can make all the difference in a room setting. With golden brass work, clean design, and a lot of personalities.


Aesthetics - Fun Bathroom Designs

Although Winter is not a “go out and have fun” season, it doesn’t mean that amusement can’t still be found inside a home. This year one of the biggest trends will be the transformation of one of the most neglected divisions: the bathroom.

Being the best place for experimentation, bathrooms are the right room to bring some life and fun with the decoration. Maison Valentina, the exquisite brand to refurbishing a bathroom, has the perfect combination to make every bathroom fun and luxurious suite.


What can be more fun that bubbles? The Newton Washbasin (1) is both exciting and imposing. With spheres and semi-spheres shapes, one by one, joint to produce an outstanding pattern and organic structure, finished in a dramatic black lacquer and gold-plated accents. Fully integrating with the more sober design of the Colosseum Mirror (2). This simple yet grandiose mirror has an integrated LED that will brighten every reflection. Finally, using a pattern or print for a wall or surface, the Jellyfish Surface (3) is the perfect addition to stand out and spark an interest for a bathroom.


Fabrics and Textures - Bouclé, Silk and Wool

Patterns made out of check from either bouclé fabrics or silk made fabrics. Seasonless themes of cream and chocolate create the perfect winter decorations for every room. Wool as the most used fabric with simplified prints and uses. Besides being more eco-friendly, these materials are the perfect addition to every winter upholstery and even outfits. A calmer and nurturing color palate is the perfect symbiosis with those three materials, and that’s where Caffe Latte shines.

The Jute Rug (1) is quite a combination of all these elements. This modern and neutral rug is made of botanic silk, with a soft presence and an even softer touch. From the same brand, the Colombia Armchair (2), inspired by its coffee taste, breathes comfort and elegance into any living room design. Made from boucle fabric and dark bronze matte, this armchair will bring that serene atmosphere we often associate with minimal interiors.


Fabrics and Textures - Rough Surfaces

Another interesting trend for 2020 winter trends is coming from nature. Raw materials and harsh natural elements, make up for some of the interior decorations this season. Plenty of surfaces that are used to be flat or clean-cut, gain some life with 3D elements without disturbing or taking too much attention from the other pieces in the room.


The new Voltaire Walnut (1) brings not only the shades of cream and chocolate to a room but mix it perfectly with this trend. A contemporary sideboard enveloped by manually sculptured panels with decorative elements finished in high gloss black lacquer. The statement twist lies on the asymmetrical hand-hammered fitting of a golden polished brass sheet on the right side of the top, and base detail, and finally four doors that carry the sculpted black elements into its interior. The seductive and elegant Angra Mirror (2), its outstanding in its shape and curved design, the polished brass creates a superb accent providing a glamorous design and little luxury as well.


Patterns - Geometry

For those who are searching for a exuberant trend, and create really exquisite, extravagant and unique interiors, geometry and the use of geometric patterns will be the best trend to get inspired. Bold colors and clean-cut lines of modernism will also dominate interior decoration.

Rug’Society carpets are some of the best example to bring a bold flavour to a living room. The Lucy (1) and Simba (2) Rugs, with their natural wool inspired in geometrical shapes, standing out for the harmony between different elements, a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves.

The Vicent Sideboard (3) has a white marble base and a body handmade in solid walnut, it is the amount of detail that went into building this mid-century credenza that makes it unique. The geometric shapes repeated all over its body, makes it both simple and notorious. With two geometric ornate metal semi-circles, Decadence Bookcase (4) has a perfect harmony between elegance and glamour.

Colors - Earthly Tones and Classic Blue

Neutrals that are often relegated to the background—off-whites, earthy ochres, and tactile beiges. Continuing that reconnection with nature and authenticity, the colours for this winter will base much of beiges and nudes, but also focusing on the more earthly neutral tone. Being the color of the year, some classic blue inspiration could be missing in any interior.

Diana Suspension (1) is the right amount of classic blue to pay homage to the remarkable color of the year 2020. On the other side, the Wales Bench (3) is upholstered in moss green cotton velvet and with a footer in brushed aged brass matte, bringing elegance to any room it is in. And ultimately, the Earth Armchair (4), in which its inspiration couldn’t be more fitting. This armchair upholstered with earthly green cotton velvet, has a unique hammered brass back with its barrel-shaped designed chair that will make a statement in modern interior design.


All Images Credit: Covet House


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