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Hot Mission, Cool Vision - Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger.

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3 Feb 2010

In a region where cooling is required round the clock, round the year, the role of heat exchangers is optimal. Right from individual homes to business establishments and government institutions the need for high quality heat exchange systems is always on the rise. The products are both compact and efficient, and the after sales service matches the best on offer. Naturally, Sondex has gained the trust of clients and aims to extend the market boundaries in the near future.

The need of the day is complete cooling systems for entire areas and townships with a central provider. Sondex has successfully undertaken major projects to supply heat exchangers for district cooling. With the support of major breakthroughs in heat transfer technology, Sondex is currently involved in creating demand specific products.

Each project is meticulously planned after extensive consultations with the engineers, building contractors, product installers and the owners themselves to ensure total satisfaction.

Sondex plate heat exchangers are unique because of their innovative design. New technology is developed to keep pace with the changing needs of this fast progressing industry. A result of years of modernisation, the heat exchangers are created to suit diverse working conditions.

Sondex has developed and designed a whole new generation of Plate heat exchangers. The construction is based on many years of experience. The demand made to Sondex Plates had been that of high efficiency and flexibility together with the demand for suitability in high differential pressures.

The Inlet Part

The design of the inlet part is provided with sloping lead grooves which guarantee the even distribution of liquids across the plate pattern. The result is that the so-called “dead spots”, which could cause the growth of bacteria in the plate heat exchanger, are completely avoided.

The Plate Pattern

The plate pattern chosen by Sondex is the fish bone pattern. Even at low liquid speeds this pattern gives maximum turbulence and thereby an extremely effective heat transmission. Sondex plates can be obtained in two different designs, respectively thermally short and thermally long. The two different designs have their own special thermal characteristics with regards to pressure drop and thermal efficiency.

Edge Reinforcement

In order to reinforce the gasket groove the Sondex plate is designed with edges on both sides of the gasket groove and on the inside - with a corrugated edge. This design ensures that the plate is solidly supported and at the same time it gives a good hold on the gasket.

The Gasket

The design of the gasket ensures, even after prolonged clamping of the plate heat exchanger, that it does not loose its elasticity. The gasket is, in the inlet area, designed as a double gasket, with a drain area, meaning that the mixing of the two liquids is impossible.

In addition to Gasketed Plate Design Heat Exchangers, Sondex manufactures Heat Exchangers with Brazed Plates, Semi-Welded Plates, Free Flow Plates and Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers.
In addition to Gasketed Plate Design Heat Exchangers, Sondex manufactures Heat Exchangers with Brazed Plates, Semi-Welded Plates, Free Flow Plates and Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers.

The Plate Lock

The plate is designed with a lock, causing the plates to lock into each other when the plate heat exchanger is clamped together, so that they do not slide when working at large pressure variations. This feature also secures proper assembling of the plate stack.

Differential Pressure

The plates are constructed with the necessary number of support points, thereby ensuring stability, even at high differential pressures.

Plate Heat Exchangers Types

By means of technological innovation Sondex has developed and designed a new generation of plate heat exchangers. With the big range of plate heat exchangers Sondex has got the optimal technical solution for any possible task, with connection sizes from Ø15 - Ø500 mm covering a liquid flow of 50 l/hour - 2000 m3/hour.

In addition to Gasketed Plate Design Heat Exchangers, Sondex manufactures HE with Brazed Plates, Semi-welded Plates, Free Flow Plates and Plate and shell Heat Exchangers. Today Sondex is well known worldwide for its impeccable performance, innovative products and for its enduring credibility. Over the decades, all this has contributed to the phenomenal success of the company. An impressive market share and flawless reputation are the hallmarks of Sondex.


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