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About Blast protection Frag-Stop composite panels


Blast protection Frag-Stop composite panels

The Logical Upgrade from UL3
FS-3, one of Armortex's Frag-Stop Composites, is specially designed, manufactured and certified to give a measure protection against blast shrapnel and simultaneous multiple handgun attacks. Certified by the Southwest Research Institute using MIL-STD-622F (V-50) and MIL-P-46593A (Fragment Simulating Projectiles), this new product is the logical upgrade that exceeds UL 3 by 70%. See your web site at

V-50 is the terminology used in referring to the military standard. This standard outlines the testing procedure that enables someone to evaluate and compare one armor to another. This is done by establishing the "ballistic limit " for a specific armor which is given as a "feet per second" velocity using a specific projectile. The "ballistic limit " is the velocity at which 50% of the attacking projectiles will penetrate and 50% will not. Thereby to have an armor equal to or better than another, it's "ballistic limit" must be equal to or higher than another.

FSP is the acronym for "Fragment Simulating Projectile." The Specifics of this projectile such as the size (caliber), shape, weight and hardness are specified in Military Standard MIL-P-46593A. These are projectiles used in the V-50 test.

Specifications for Blast protection Frag-Stop composite panels

Specifications for Blast protection Frag-Stop composite panels
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