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About Armortex


5926 Corridor Pkwy.
Schertz, TX
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United States
+1 210 661 8306
+210 661 8308
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Armortex® has been manufacturing Bullet, Blast and Forced Entry Resistant products for over 20 years. Our product line includes Armortex® bullet and blast protection fiberglass composite panels, steel and aluminum transaction windows, transaction equipment (drawers, hoppers, dip trays), speakers and gun ports. Additional products include wood, steel and aluminum doors, aluminum storefront systems and FEMA 361 certified doors for protection from tornadoes and wind driven debris.

Armortex® products are widely used in courtrooms, government and corporate offices, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, check cashing facilities, cashier booths, military bases and any place where ballistic and blast resistant security is required.

Our Bullet and Blast Resistant products are available worldwide, direct from Armortex®.

Armortex® is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

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Tradenames: Armortex and Safeguard Security Services.


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Bullet - Blast - Forced Entry Protection Products
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Bullet resistant doors  More information Armortex® Bullet Resistant doors provide the very highest protection while accommodating all door and glazing styles and sizes. Prehung with a heavy-duty continuous hinge, Armortex® doors are available in any configuration. Hollow metal doors are... Brochures Specifications CAD details  
Bullet resistant windows and glazing  More information All Armortex® Bullet Resistant windows are manufactured to the very highest standards, and are available in UL® protection levels 1-10. Choose a window type from the list below to view our product lines. Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Bullet resistant composite panels Armortex® manufactures UL Listed Armortex® Bullet and Blast Protection Composite Panels. This material is manufactured using a woven roving ballistic grade cloth we manufacture in-house. The cloth is mechanically injected with resin and... Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Bullet resistant transaction equipment  More information Armortex® Bullet Resistant Transaction Drawers
Designed to protect the operator whether the drawer is open or closed, our transaction drawers come in a variety of sizes. Armortex® Metal & Transparent Package Receivers
Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Bullet resistant products accessories Armortex® speakers
ARMORTEX® Speaker Devices are available in detention or Bullet Resistant designs in all protection levels, and are designed to accommodate any glazing thickness with a mounting hole 4" to 6" in diameter....
Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Blast protection Frag-Stop composite panels The Logical Upgrade from UL3
FS-3, one of Armortex's Frag-Stop Composites, is specially designed, manufactured and certified to give a measure protection against blast shrapnel and simultaneous multiple handgun attacks. Certified by the...
Brochures Specifications   Website
Bullet/blast resistant storefront systems Storefront Systems
Armortex® Bullet Resistant Aluminum Storefront Systems are available in all UL® protection levels 1 through 8.
Brochures Specifications CAD details Website
Forced Entry / Detention Doors & Windows Forced Entry and Detention products are designed to prevent or deter unauthorized entry or exit from buildings and structures. Products may include bullet resistant and/or blast protection. Available Armortex® products include Department of State...       Website

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06 72 00 - Composite Structural Assemblies
06 83 00 - Composite Paneling
07 41 00 - Roof Panels
07 42 00 - Wall Panels
08 13 00 - Metal Doors
08 14 00 - Wood Doors
08 15 00 - Plastic Doors
08 16 00 - Composite Doors
  08 34 00 - Special Function Doors
08 39 00 - Pressure-Resistant Doors
08 51 00 - Metal Windows
08 52 00 - Wood Windows
08 54 00 - Composite Windows
08 55 00 - Pressure-Resistant Windows
08 56 00 - Special Function Windows

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