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FLIR Maritime Introduces First Cooled Thermal Camera to Award-Winning M-Series Line: FLIR M500

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25 Jul 2017

Enabling superyachts, first responders and commercial vessels to visualize long-range targets with exceptional clarity, the new FLIR M500 Multi-Sensor Maritime Camera is our most advanced addition to the award-winning M-Series platform to date. The multi-sensor thermal maritime camera provides professional captains with enhanced situational awareness to detect targets more than 15 kilometers, navigate tight waterways and avoid collisions, day or night.

FLIR Maritime Introduces First Cooled Thermal Camera to Award-Winning M-Series Line: FLIR M500

The high-performing FLIR M500 offers FLIR cooled thermal technology, which differentiates itself from uncooled capabilities by offering the ability to detect minute temperature variations at a long-range, at higher-speeds and with enhanced sensitivity.

FLIR’s cooled thermal technology coupled with 14X optical zoom lens, gyro-stabilization for steady imagery on rough sea waters. The high-resolution visible camera provides superior detection of vessels, key landmarks and navigation aids while underway, fulfilling users needs to positively identify targets and ultimately avoid hazardous encounters while underway.

FLIR M500 ™ Ultra High Performance Multi-Sensor Camera System

  • Cooled thermal core technology and continuous optical zoom enables early detection of vessels or navigation aids in the distance
  • Active gyro stabilization delivers a steady image in rough seas, simplifying target identification and enhancing situational awareness
  • Superior FLIR thermal technology allows captain to quickly recognize nearby buoys and detect key landmarks, such as islands or docks
  • Video target tracking automatically keeps the M500 locked onto a moving or stationary target
  • Radar integration allows the M500 to automatically track selected radar targets
  • High performance thermal and visible camera payloads for detection and visible identification
  • A 14× optical thermal zoom and a field of view between 2° and 28° enables long range target detection
  • Easily identify long range targets with a HD color visible camera with 30× zoom and 64° to 2.3° HFOV
  • The M500’s integrated spotlight Illuminates nearby targets with powerful LED beam
The M500 will be available worldwide through established FLIR dealers beginning in September 2017.

To learn more about FLIR M500, click here.

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