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About Application of LECA in Filling and Filtering

Application of LECA in Filling and Filtering

Application of LECA in Filling and Filtering

Lightweight aggregate fills are approximately half the weight of common fills. This advantage, coupled with its predictable high internal friction angle, can also reduce lateral forces by more than one-half. It has been effectively used to solve numerous geotechnical engineering problems and to convert unstable soft soil into usable land. Lightweight fill also provides permanent non-degradable insulation around water lines and steam lines, and other thermally sensitive elements. Expanded clay lightweight aggregate, ESCS, is a reliable and economical geotechnical solution.

LECA is lightweight filling material which can solve many problems simultaneously, providing simple solutions to a wealth of civil engineering challenges.

  • Reduces gravity loads: in case of soils with low bearing capacity, that will have non acceptable settlements, it is possible to realize imposed or dead loads such as roads or building, in addition it can control water level and drainage the surface and ground water.
  • Reduces lateral forces: when used against retaining walls, LECA will reduce the weight acting on the rear of the structure by at least 75%, in comparison to traditional fill materials. This reduction in weight avoids potential sliding, overturning, slip and tilting or bearing failures and enables savings by increasing spacing between buttressing walls and reducing structural dimensions.
  • Provides high internal friction angle
  • Controlled grading, free draining and water insoluble
  • Acid insoluble and chemically inert
  • Stability, it can reduced risk of landslide and deformation of soils, also it is very useful in road and rail beds or pipelines which can control settlement and water insulation (rain or water overflow )
  • Compaction, when properly compacted, the compaction degree will be approximately 10-12 %
  • High insulation value, high strength and durability

Brochures for Application of LECA in Filling and Filtering

Brochures for Application of LECA in Filling and Filtering
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