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About Leca Building Material LLC

Leca Building Material LLC

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LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) is an aggregate made of expanded clay at average 1200 C° in rotary kiln, the Yielding gases are expanded by thousands of small bubbles as long as this temperature and those will be provide many voids and honeycombs at these round shape aggregates when melted materials become cold.

The clays and shales expanded were developed about 1917 in Kansas City, Missouri, to the production in a rotary kin of a patented expanded aggregate known as Haydite which was used in the construction of USS Selma, an ocean-going ship launched in 1919. There following in the USA the development of a series of aggregates known as Gravelite, Perlite, Rocklite and etc. In Europe, LECA commenced in Denmark, Germany, Holland (Netherlands) and the UK.

The manufactured aggregates are produce in various sizes; Four usual grades are (0-4) mm, (4-10) mm, (10-25) mm and mix grade 0-25 mm which has 430 kg/m3 max density, LECA boulder is a the bigger size of LECA with 100-500 mm size and 500 kg/m3 density.

Some of the important advantages of LECA aggregate are: lightness, thermal insulation by low conductivity coefficient, soundproofing by high acoustic resistance, moisture impermeable, incompressible under permanent pressure and gravity loads, non-decomposition against severe condition, fire resistant, Ph of nearly 7, freezing and melting resistance, easy movement and transportation, lightweight backfill and finishing, reduction of construction dead load and earthquake lateral load, perfect sweet soil for plants, best material for drainage and filtration.

LECA is an incredibly versatile material, and is utilized in an ever-increasing number of applications. In the construction industry, it is used extensively in the production of lightweight concrete, blocks and precast or incast structural elements (panels, partitions, bricks and light tiles. LECA used in structural backfill against foundations, retaining walls, bridge abutments etc., in additional it can reduce earth pressure by 75% compared with conventional materials, and also increases ground stability while reducing settlement and land deformation. LECA can drainage the surface water and groundwater to control ground water pressure. LECA grout can be used for flooring (finishing) and roofing with thermal and sound insulation.

LECA is also used in water treatment facilities for the filtration and purification of municipal wastewater and drinking water as well as in other filtering processes, including those for dealing with industrial wastewater and fish farms.

LECA has many advantage for agriculture and landscapes, it is used as a growing medium in Hydroponics systems, and blended with other growing mediums such as soil and peat to improve drainage, retain water during periods of drought, insulate roots during frost and provide roots with increased oxygen levels promoting very vigorous growth. LECA can mix with normal sweet soil in order to reduce the weight of plants and landscapes soils.

LECA aggregate has many applications in agriculture, construction, geotechnical, civil and hydraulic engineering. Please let us to know your requirement and project in order to find best solution for your case by our technical department.


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Lightweight Concrete, Mortar, Grout and Asphalt (LECA concretes) Structural or semi-structural Light Weight Concrete (LWC) has been used in usual civil engineering applications as a very convenient alternative to conventional concrete. Structural lightweight concrete made with rotary kiln produced structural... Brochures    
LECA Lightweight Blocks and Precast Elements (LECA block) LECA with advantages such as lightweight, fire resistant, sound and thermal isolating is the raw material for many prefabricated components. LECA blocks, prefabricated panels, fume stacks, fireplaces and barbecues are all well-known products. One of... Brochures    
Application of LECA in Agriculture and Landscape LECA's porous micro-surface texture and interior porous structure resist clogging and provides superior aeration that promotes growth of delicate, fine root systems. LECA is produced by high temperatures therefore, this process makes LECA sterile and... Brochures    
Application of LECA in Filling and Filtering Lightweight aggregate fills are approximately half the weight of common fills. This advantage, coupled with its predictable high internal friction angle, can also reduce lateral forces by more than one-half. It has been effectively used to solve... Brochures    

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