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About MARIANItech Expanded Metal

MARIANItech Expanded Metal

Make any flat surface 3D with MARIANItech® expanded metal. MARIANITECH® gives you the opportunity of having the expanded metal in standard or shaped panels and produced completely custom from your drawing. Moreover we can assist you in the project of the covering and we can offer the complete installation with the innovative “all inclusive” ZERO SURPRISE service.

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MARIANItech Expanded Metal
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MARIANItech Prater Marianitech presents the new expanded metal tooling for facade systems and sun screening enlarging his new product line.       Website
MARIANItech Chelsea This kind of expanded metal mesh is particularly suitable for the creation of roof-gardens. The hole diameter and the material have been carefully chosen in order to make the expanded metal and the plants living together. Technology and nature - a...       Website
MARIANItech Tribeca Tribeca is a real metallic cloth, it is created by the continuing desire to amaze, it is suitable for any interiors applications both walls or ceilings.       Website
MARIANItech Notre Dame Notre Dame is perfect expanded metal for revitalizing an atrium, a lobby, a conference room or any interior wall which you want to emphasize.       Website
MARIANItech Soho Born to meet the requirements both of outside facades, curtain walls, shading devices, railings and of inside solutions as sound proof shields, counterceilings and walls. This type of expanded metal can reduce the sound in all those situations...       Website
MARIANItech Ribera With its particular hexagonal cut Ribera offers a unique and pleasant style. Especially suitable for every application where style is a production must.       Website
MARIANItech Santa Monica With Santa Monica we are proposing to give a new life to your parapets and facades. The hexagonal mesh well matches with the need to create privacy together with a good light passage.       Website
MARIANItech Malibu Suitable for every use, especially for the realization of facades, sliding and fixed shading devices, curtain walls and every type of panel to be made of expanded metals.       Website
MARIANItech Marais Marais is trade point between expanded metal and woven wire mesh: created thanks to the Fratelli Mariani’s experience in both sectors. This new expanded metal will amaze you for various possible applications.       Website
MARIANItech Copacabana Among the most used meshes in the residential architecture, particularly suitable to be shaped to create new spaces and new ideas. Let yourself be emotioned by the opportunity of giving space to your imagination.       Website
MARIANItech Navigli The small light passage of this expanded metal allows the realization of most covering but anyway airy spaces. It is particularly suitable when there is a necessity of privacy or security together with a new aesthetic value.       Website
MARIANItech Brooklyn This is the most ideal mesh for works of little dimensions, but it is also suitable for bigger applications. With Brooklyn mesh one can be sure to give a tailor-made dress to every building.       Website
MARIANItech Brera Brera is one of the best expanded metals for the realization of all your ideas; combining lightness, harmony and strength, it gives a single appeal to each building.       Website
MARIANItech Ramblas With the expanded metal it is also possible to realize other aesthetic-architectural elements such as the counter-ceilings. Ramblas is most suitable mesh for the manufacturing of big dimensioned counter-ceilings: thanks to the low transparency it...       Website
MARIANItech Maracana This is really representative of the expanded metal world wide. It is suitable for many applications such as technical rooms, fire escape, curtain walls, shading devices.       Website
MARIANItech Raval Raval is suitable for every type of facades, the right mix between mesh dimensions and percentage of open area. Various types of finishing such as lacquer and coloured anodization add value to your metal covering.       Website
MARIANItech Expo EXPO is a expanded sheet metal with an unique Registered Design pattern.       Website
MARIANItech Flaminio The main characteristic of the expanded metal is to play with shadows and lights. Flaminio gives the opportunity of having a mesh with big dimensions and a medium open area.       Website
MARIANItech Pasadena Big surface: with Pasadena you are sure to choose the right expanded metal. It fits perfectly to realize facades allowing to catch a glimpse on what it is covered. With an original lacquer it allows to get sensational results.       Website
MARIANItech Broadway Broadway opens the serie of the “big mesh” making the history of the facades in expanded metal. It represents all the characteristics you can get from an expanded metal for big surfaces: big mesh, wide open area, elegance and lightness...       Website
MARIANItech Berg Berg expanded metal covers the building with elegance thanks to its particular hexagonal shape. By creating new lines and profiles it is able to model every kind of structure with elegance and originality.       Website
MARIANItech Manhattan With its unique elegance Manhattan expanded metal gives the building a 'personal image; easy to work with this large mesh defines the volume without weighing it down; the overall effect is almost evanescent while ensuring the proper protection from...       Website
MARIANItech Hollywood Hollywood expanded metal was created to satisfy all situations where it is required to "dress up" a structure without covering the actual architectural lines. This big mesh allows an extraordinary passage of air and light, the result is of great...       Website

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