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About MARIANItech Wire Mesh

MARIANItech Wire Mesh

MARIANItech® wire mesh is inovative solution for aesthetical treatment of inside and outside surfaces. Its flexibility caters to a large range of use cases. And if our already existing products don't satisfy your specific need, we can even provide completely custom solutions so you are only limited by your imagination. Our “all inclusive” ZERO SURPRISE service can also be provided for wire mesh products.

MARIANItech Wire Mesh - more products

MARIANItech Wire Mesh
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MARIANItech Carillon Woven wire cloth with stiff rectangular mesh, used for both interiors and external applications, such as railings, counter-ceilings, window-dressing, shops, show-rooms.       Website
MARIANItech Cord Rectangular wire cloth manufactured with horizontal rods vertically linked by a group of 3 ropes, easy to bend in warp direction. It is mostly used for railings on internal staircases, galleries, wall-furniture, panels, coverings.       Website
MARIANItech Forte Square mesh wire cloth, with a thicker wire diameter for a better structural strength. Suitable for fitting applications and for design creations.       Website
MARIANItech Onda Particularly suitable to realize counter-ceilings of big dimensions and high visual impact, coverings, facades and railings. This mesh is specially designed for a perfect integration with the surrounding environment.       Website
MARIANItech Regimental The “Regimental” family is perfect to give a new look to counter-ceilings, partition walls, fittings and to all the interior design applications which needs to be emphasized.       Website
MARIANItech Reps Weaved with warp wires and weft wires of different diameters. Besides a pleasant design, this special pattern gives to the wire cloth limited transparency and a good compactness for the creation of partition walls and interior design applications.       Website
MARIANItech Soft An extremely light and flexible wire cloth with very close meshes, by touch similar to silk. Used for curtains, pillows and manufactured with different alloys (Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel)       Website
MARIANItech Triplex It is produced with three stainless steel wires in warp and one rod in weft direction. Mostly used for the realization of facades, coverings, totem and railings, where the wire cloth has to be the project main character.       Website
MARIANItech Tweed A true metallic wire cloth with special warp and wire patterns, useful to bright up and enhance every surface. Specially suitable for counter-ceilings, partition walls and various interior design applications.       Website
MARIANItech Duplex Duplex is a wire mesh best suited for facade systems, sun screening, cladding metal facade, parapets and interior design applications.       Website

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