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About Stonemaker DM-185

Stonemaker DM-185

The DM-185 is a self-contained stone and concrete manufacturing facility designed for the production of a wide range of concrete products. Rugged trailer mount design allows it to go virtually anywhere and once on site, set up and operational in minutes. It’s large capacity aggregate bin can be either mechanically or manually loaded while individual storage containers for portland cement, water and add mixtures offers batching capabilities for continuos volume production or customizing for as little as one batch.

The DM-185′s versatility permits production of both wet mix for pouring, moulding or pumping and dry mix for high pressure formation of stones, veneers, interlock, pavers, blocks and more. Unparalleled mechanical engineering allows changing from one type of production to the other to be done in under 1 minute. The DM-185 is fully operational with only one operator and once the batch type has been selected, it contains a host of capabilities and features unlike anything else available. It’s performance abilities start with command and control and continues through to the products that are installation ready. With the DM-185 you now have adaptability and performance on any job site. Some of the key features included in it’s systems and operation:

  • Uses local raw materials
  • Cuts product costs by up to 70-90%
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Produces what you want, when you need it
  • Auto-controlled batching ensures accuracy to +/- 1.5%
  • Dry mix mode produces pavers, exterior/interior veneer, interlock, brick, stones, tiles and more at a rate of up to 240 sq ft per hour
  • Produces 5 cu yd per hour of wet mix for pouring, casting, moulding or pumping
  • Reduces specialty labour and employs existing labour more efficiently
  • Eliminates supplier dependency and reduces the need for specialty equipment
  • Allows cutting and working the product before curing, reducing installation cost
  • On board operator and mechanical safety systems ensure worker friendly environment

With it’s broad range of features and capabilities the DM-185 is ideal for infrastructure and building projects once deemed impractical as it combines reach, self-sustained production capabilities and the ability to use local materials as well as non-specialized labor. These combined eliminate challenges posed by:

  • Contractors & Landscapers
  • Construction Companies
  • Stonemasons
  • Building & Garden Supply Centres
  • Entrepreneurs Establishing Independent Business
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Leasing & Rental Companies
  • Government & Non-governmental Organizations
  • Isolated or Remote Communities
  • Mining and Resource Companies

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