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The Best Commercial Security Doors

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23 Aug 2021

Commercial security doors are often overlooked, but they’re an essential part of any property’s safety plan. Without proper protection against break-ins, a business doesn’t have the time it needs to react to robbery or other intrusions. Who doesn’t want to minimize the chances of burglars accessing their store?

Whether you own a retail shop, mall, or store, knowing how to secure your doors can make all the difference. At Armortex, we provide proven and trusted bullet-resistant doors for malls and stores. This article digs deep into the benefits and features of our bullet-resistant doors.

Armortex Bullet-Resistant Security Doors

Our simple, yet effective door security systems are made from a veneered composite and an internal fiberglass core. The boards are sanded smooth and hand-fit with industrial-grade hardware. We design the inlaid steel areas to withstand high-explosion forces, gunshots, and impacts without buckling or warping.

The Best Commercial Security Doors

We grade our door systems to UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) specifications. Our team of experts has created an effective commercial security door that will stop just about any would-be intruder through testing and real-world field use. They are all effective in a wide range of markets.

Benefits of Armortex Bullet-Resistant Security Doors

Doors are the first impression in a building. Whether your mall building has glass or wood doors, they communicate an image of security. In addition, doors convey a sense of style–regardless of whether the design is traditional or modern.

Remember, criminals are likely to target a store with weak doors. Avoid such inconveniences by opting for reliable commercial security doors systems. Here are some benefits of Armortex bullet-resistant security doors.


Security is the first benefit that comes to mind when thinking about bulletproof doors. Of course, you want to ensure your employees are safe and comfortable. You also want to be assured security of your merchandise in-store. Our bullet-resistant doors are equipped with steel mesh security features to help repel intruders and weatherize frames to withstand drops, accidents, extended pick-up time, or many forms of assault.


Our door systems offer retail shoppers an additional layer of protection to easily pop open and close. Besides stopping bullets, they add an aesthetic touch to any retail space. They enhance the character of the interior. We also have other convenient features like gunports in our commercial security doors.

Tailored for specific ballistics grading

Our experts incorporate high-quality materials which are strong and can withstand significant blasts. This feature creates a significant difference in reducing death and injury cases in case of emergencies.

Looking for Security Doors?

The best commercial security doors are one of the essential investments your company can make. They protect not only you but also everyone who works and shops at your location. So, if you’re looking for a bullet resistance door that will help keep out intruders while respecting customer privacy, we have what you need. Our team of experts is ready to answer questions about our products. Contact us today. We would love to work with you on securing your malls and stores.

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