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With BricsCAD you can either buy or rent a license - it is your choice...

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20 Mar 2017

With BricsCAD you can either buy or rent a license - it is your choice...

License options for BricsCAD explained

First, we need to make one thing perfectly clear: when you buy BricsCAD, you get the perpetual right to use the software without monthly or yearly fees. If you sign up for our All-In maintenance, and at some time in the future make the decision not to renew it – your software will continue to run.

Second, if you choose All-In maintenance, you’ll have full access to all software releases – both major and minor – and you can choose when to install them, without forced updates.

Third, your license lets you run BricsCAD on Windows, OS X or Linux. You can install your single license on your desktop PC at work and on your laptop computer at home.

Each of the three options presented here are based on the total cost of ownership of BricsCAD for five years. We’re using BricsCAD Pro as the price point, as it’s our most popular edition.

Your first licence option: BricsCAD Pro + All-In Maintenance

Option one includes BricsCAD Pro and our All-In maintenance. When you choose All-In, you will be entitled to all of the software updates, and the next major release (e.g., buy BricsCAD V17 today, and you’ll get V18 when it is released).

Being 'All-In' also entitles you to priority email technical support, directly from the BricsCAD support team.

At the end of one year, you simply renew your All-In maintenance (USD 235) to keep enjoying priority support and the latest upgrades.

Advantages of BricsCAD Pro + All-In Maintenance:
  • As always, BricsCAD gives you a perpetual right-to-use license
  • Stay up-to-date with all software releases
  • The next major version of BricsCAD is included
  • Enjoy priority email technical support 24×7
  • The lowest cost of ownership to stay up to date for 5 years: USD 1,585
  • Option one’s initial cost is a bit higher, because your upgrade to BricsCAD V18 is included in the total purchase price + first year’s All-In Maintenance

Your second license option: BricsCAD Pro + Yearly Upgrades

Option two? Buy a BricsCAD Pro license and upgrade it each year to the latest version. Bricsys releases a new major version of BricsCAD each year. The cost of a one-release upgrade (e.g. V17 Pro to V18 Pro) is USD 265.

Advantages of BricsCAD Pro + Yearly Upgrades:
  • As always, BricsCAD gives you a perpetual right-to-use license
  • You choose when to upgrade your software
  • Technical support is still free, but without priority access to the queue
  • Upgrades get progressively more expensive if you skip versions
  • A higher cost of ownership to stay up to date for 5 years: USD 1,740

Your third license option: Yearly BricsCAD Pro Rental Subscription

The BricsCAD rental subscription grants you access to the most recent version of BricsCAD for one year, and includes new releases while your subscription is active.

BricsCAD Pro rental subscriptions cost USD 395 a year, or USD 1,975 over a five-year period. If you want to sign up for a rental subscription, please contact Bricsys directly.

Advantages of BricsCAD Pro Rental Subscription:
  • Lower initial costs during the first year: USD 395
  • Stay up-to-date with all software releases
  • Enjoy priority email technical support 24×7
  • Some companies may enjoy tax benefits on software rental expenses
  • No perpetual right-to-use license. Your license expires after one year if you don’t renew it, and the product stops working.
  • The highest cost to stay up to date for 5 years: USD 1,975


The least expensive way for you to enjoy the power of BricsCAD is to select option one.

Buying BricsCAD Pro + All-In maintenance means you’ll save money on each upgrade over the five year period, while enjoying rapid, priority technical support.

At Bricsys, we understand that you have a job to do, and that our products are mission-critical tools. We promise to continue to make it easy for you to own BricsCAD. Now the choice is clear, and easy, for you and for your business.

P.S. Bricsys offers discounts for volume users. Contact a local sales partner for more information about volume licenses.

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