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About Waterwise System

Waterwise System

With the patented Greywater Gardener 230™ System installed in your home you can safely care for your garden and keep it alive despite water restrictions. The first step towards sustainability and greywater reuse really starts in your own backyard!

A state of the art greywater diversion and irrigation system that includes:

  • Designed and installed specifically for your garden by certified plumbers, trades-people and landscapers
  • Easy to turn on and service
  • A patented, gravity irrigation system that can run water up and downhill
  • Ideal for nearly all gardens, no matter what their design or size
Your permanent Greywater Gardener 230™ system will:
  • Reduce the amount of water your garden needs to thrive and bloom by 80% or more
  • Create a self sustainable garden oasis that feels great to come home to
  • Protect the value of your home
  • Give you real peace of mind that your saving the world's precious water
The Greywater Gardener 230™:
  • Is automatic and you can just click a switch to turn it off
  • Delivers the water directly to where all your plants want it most, every time
  • Saves you so much water and money every year – year after year
  • Makes saving lots of water so easy for you and your family
  • Creates beautiful healthy gardens
  • How It Works:
    Just have a shower, bath or wash your clothes as usual and the plumbing that our fully licensed plumbers have installed for you will redirect the water to your great looking compact surge capsule. From there gravity takes over and the system slowly releases your gardens water straight through a network of 100-400 or more meters of irrigation line and down into the soil directly into your plants feed zones, safely nourishing plants through Waterwise Systems’® patented greywater wands.

    Brochures for Waterwise System

    Brochures for Waterwise System
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    Greywater Gardener 230
    World's Greenest Irrigation System
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