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About Ecobulb


A key reason for electricity utilities selecting the Ecobulb®™ is its high power factor technical superiority. The high power factor Ecobulb®™ results in a 50% greater electricity distribution network load reduction (approximately 17VA per bulb) than ordinary CFL's. This increased reduction is worth approximately $16 per Ecobulb®™ of deferred new electricity distribution network capital investment for the utilities.

Large numbers of ordinary CFL's are also detrimental to electricity utility networks, as they cause electrical interference on their networks. This requires expensive electronic correction by the utilities. The high power factor Ecobulb®™ does not create this electrical interference. Consequently, $6 of network correction per Ecobulb®™ is avoided relative to installing a CFL.

A large Utility in Sydney, Australia recently ordered 180,000 Ecobulbs®™, despite the higher price than low power factor CFL's they were pursuing This was because the utility was concerned about the impact of high numbers of CFL's on performance of the peak load shedding control systems.

An electricity utility network that replaces one million incandescent bulbs on at peak network times with Ecobulbs®™ will save $16 million more ($12 plus $4 per bulb times 1 million Ecobulbs®™) than if these bulbs were replaced with ordinary CFL's. Consequently it is extremely cost effective for electricity utilities to implement Ecobulb®™ projects, rather than let the market replace incandescent bulbs with ordinary CFL's.

Other light bulb manufacturers have attempted to develop high power factor CFL's. However, these bulbs are typically larger, with lower light output and reduced lifetimes. As they are more expensive to manufacture with no perceived consumer benefit, these developments have invariably ceased. It is likely that they will eventually produce viable high power factor CFL's to compete against the Ecobulb®™. However, the Ecobulb®™ then has a 15 month first mover advantage. This is because it takes 15 months to complete the CFL lifetime testing required by the electricity utilities before they would purchase these bulbs.

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Brochures for Ecobulb
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