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About Electrical Swimming Pool Heater

Electrical Swimming Pool Heater

Electrical Swimming Pool Heater

Evolution Electrical Pool Heaters

  • Fully equipped and pre-wired including a super sensitive and reversible flow switch, allowing water input from either direction.
  • Complete with a control thermostat, safety thermostat and integral contactor relay.
  • Very easy to install, requiring only final connection to a mandatory separate RCD.
  • Fitted with 1½" BSP female threaded adapters for easy connection to all pipework.
  • Supplied with hose tail adapters for connection to flexible pipework, and heater sizes 12kW through to 18kW are also supplied with 1½" BSP unions for connection to rigid pipework.
  • Suitable for use with chlorinated pools & are NOT suitable for salt water pools.
  • Main Tank Stainless Steel BS316, available with pure Titanium upon request.
  • Heating elements: Incoloy 825 or pure titanium on request.
  • Control thermostat 0ºC - 40ºC with 1.5ºC differential safety thermostat 50ºC.
  • Manual reset minimum flow requirement 1,000-litres per hour Maximum Flow Velocity 13,000-litres per hour

B-100 Digitally Controlled Electric Pool Heater
  • Designed for ultimate safety and market leading reliability.
  • With two conductors per element bank, cascade wired for ultimate safety.
  • All element banks have timers for staged energizing: only a maximum of 24 kW will be energized at any one time.
  • Perfect for use on larger pools. Available in outputs from 24-72 kW.
  • Multiple heaters can be installed in parallel to achieve greater outputs.
  • Supplied fully equipped and pre-wired to ensure easy installation.
  • Heating elements: Incoloy 825 or pure titanium on request.
  • Flow tube: stainless steel BS-316 or pure titanium on request for total protection against corrosion.
  • Flow Switch: to protect equipment when flow stops.
  • Multi point temperature detection: For accurate and safe control of the heating process.
  • Anti cycle delay protection: Prevents the heater from 'cycle' switching to ensure component life is maximized.
  • Indication lamps: Provide clear and easily understandable display of the heaters status.
  • Mounting brackets: Ensure the heater can be easily wall or base mounted.
  • Unique case design: Gives easy technician access for connection, inspection and component replacement.

Brochures for Electrical Swimming Pool Heater

Brochures for Electrical Swimming Pool Heater
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Swimming Pool Electric Heater
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