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CapaCare by Caparol is officially the most certified paint in the UAE

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26 Oct 2014

Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council commends Caparol on the research and development of their paint range, for becoming the most certified paint company in the UAE.

CapaCare by Caparol is officially the most certified paint in the UAE

In support of the UAE’s new green building initiatives, more developers, consultants, contractors and homeowners alike, are adopting a greener mentality and are applying it to the construction field. With paints being a fundamental part of this equation, the need for an environmental and health conscious solution became inevitable. Caparol has endeavoured to provide solutions to these demands through the development of their CapaCare paint range, the most certified paint in the UAE.

Caparol, the biggest family-owned paint company in Europe and the leader in construction paints in Germany, have been operating in the UAE since 1998 in Dubai. Through identifying the new green trends in the UAE, Caparol took the lead in developing and launching a range of environmentally and family friendly paints, CapaCare.

Tarek Nabil, Marketing Manager at Caparol in the UAE says, “We anticipated the current health and green trend/movement, as well as the public’s rising concerns regarding both, within the UAE and the region. This drove us to the development and launch of our CapaCare range which has been carefully moulded to cater to those very needs. CapaCare is the perfect interior paint solution as it has no odour; you can decorate your home without worrying about the uncomfortable and lingering smell of paint. This also has a direct positive effect on the wellbeing of the applicators themselves and the environment also, thanks to the incredibly advanced technology adopted in the making of CapaCare.”

“The market for family-friendly paints and coatings is definitely growing. These products support the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council’s goal of furthering the UAE economy through the development of sustainable and diverse products that add value to the UAE’s service and product offerings.”

Tarek goes on to discuss how consumers are becoming far more aware of environmental issues and believe they are becoming active and educated decision makers when selecting the type of paint they want to use.

Salem bin Khalid Al Qassimi, Director of Product Conformity Services at Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council says, “We are pleased with Caparol’s continuous commitment to quality; they’ve strived to exceed quality standards in their products and have rightfully received the certifications and the Abu Dhabi Environmental Performance Trustmark. We commend them on their efforts in ensuring unwavering quality wherever possible, as well as contributing to our local economy and protecting the environment.”

“We encourage all brands to follow Caparol in their ongoing research, development and leadership within the green paint/coatings movement.”

Tarek of Caparol states that the challenge for his company was to design a product that caters to the consumer and the environment alike, without compromising the quality and performance of the paint itself. CapaCare from Caparol sets a new standard for both quality and environmental performance, in addition to it being odourless; it is also incredibly durable, highly washable and is available in an endless variety of colours under the tinting system.

Caparol is a committed affiliate of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, who are continually working towards making the UAE a global leader through enhancing the UAE’s economy, while reducing the ecological footprint of the UAE’s built environment also.

Caparol, the Paint Company That Cares.

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