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The Paint That Honors Your Health

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12 May 2015

The Paint That Honors Your Health

Your home is a safe haven for you and your family but have you ever stopped to consider the silent killer living within your walls?

A major contributing factor to the indoor air quality is the type of paint we use in our homes as the majority of interior paint contains toxic chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are extremely hazardous and inhaled by your family on a daily basis. Short-term exposure to high levels of paint toxins are directly linked to eye, nose and throat irritation, fatigue, nausea, coughing and asthma attacks. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, VOCs can also damage the liver, Kidney and central Nervous System. It’s critical to limit exposure to the potentially fatal health hazards and choose a safe product containing the lowest toxic content available.

It’s time to protect your family from domestic toxins and choose a paint company that cares.

Residents of the Middle East are tuning into the importance of air quality in the home and choosing Caparol’s CapaCare range.

CapaCare sets a new standard with its near zero toxic content like VOC, has become increasingly popular amongst homeowners in the region. CapaCare is the perfect interior paint solution as it has no odour; you can decorate your home without worrying about the uncomfortable and lingering smell of paint. This also has a direct positive effect on the wellbeing of the applicators. CapaCare is a water-based paint , which is environmentally friendly. In addition the entire Capacare range is durable, highly washable and is available in an endless variety of colours – ensuring your walls not only look beautiful, but also are providing a safe environment for the environment and your family.

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