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About Concrete Flooring: Overlays / Micro-toppings


Concrete Flooring: Overlays / Micro-toppings

Concrete Flooring: Overlays / Micro-toppings


Pentimento is a Portland cement based overlay when mixed with Cp1000 acrylic polymer produces a unique high strength cementitious floor covering. It is designed to resurface existing concrete and restore it back to original condition. It is applied at 1/8” thickness and usually re-trowelled and burnished two or three times to take on the appearance of newly steel trowelled polished concrete. Pentimento is designed for resurfacing high traffic commercial interior floors, as well as residential concrete surfaces.


  • Only re-trowellabe cementitious overlay available in the market
  • Creates a real concrete look and feel (does not look plastic!)
  • Applied at only 1/8” thick – adds very little weight to the structure
  • Can be integrally colored with Colorfast
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes or water based stains
  • Superior compressive strength, 5200psi
Compressive Strength 5200psi
Coverage 75-80ft²/pail
Mixing ratio
Cp1000 is diluted with water at 2:1 ratio
4.6liters of diluted Cp1000 per pail
Packaging 50lb pail
Color Grey and White


Sgraffino is a Portland cement based product that provides a grainer concrete surface that is applied at paper thin thickness. When combined with Cp1000, acrylic polymer it produces the ideal ultra thin resurfaces for both interior and exterior concrete applications. It can be applied on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Numerous decorative effects can be achieved through the creative use of a steel trowel, magic trowel, sponge, roller, or spray unit. It provides a fast solution for integrally coloring and resurfacing an interior or exterior concrete. Also, it is a cost effective solution for resurfacing new or old concrete, broomed, trowelled or creating a multi layered fresco finish.


  • Highly cost-effective solution for resurfacing micro-topping / skim coat
  • Most user friendly micro- topping (overlay/skim coat) on the market
  • Can be integrally colored with Colorfast
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes or water based stains
  • Applied over interior, exterior, horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Various ways of applying it – Magic trowel, finishing trowel, hopper spray gun, etc.
  • Excellent performance under freeze-thaw conditions
  • Can be applied over asphalt surfaces
Compressive Strength 4200psi
(application of at least two coats is recommended)
Mixing ratio 4.6liters of pure Cp1000 per pail
Packaging Regular 30lb, Fine 22lb and Superfine 20lb
Color Grey and White


Pasto is polymer modified cement based product specifically designed for both interior and exterior surfaces where a textured finish is desired. The textures can vary from random stone to slate to tile or wood plan finishes. It is applied at a thickness of ¼” to 3/8” in a single application. It is suited for continued exposure to commercial vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Pasto is typically used on patios, courtyards, pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, balconies, breezeways, plaza decks, pool decks, lobbies, atrium, entryways, foyers, corridors and driveways.


  • Extensive range of colors, textures, patterns and finishing techniques
  • Installed at a minimum ¼” thickness to maximum of 3/8” thickness
  • Can be integrally colored with Colorfast
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes or water based stains
  • Ideal for interior or exterior applications using conventional stamping tools
  • Suitable for application over concrete in retail, commercial and residential environments
Compressive Strength 5500psi
Coverage 25ft²/bag
Mixing ratio 3.78 liters of potable water per bag
Packaging 55lb
Color Grey and White

Brochures for Concrete Flooring: Overlays / Micro-toppings

Brochures for Concrete Flooring: Overlays / Micro-toppings
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