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Knauf Safeboard - 100% lead-free X-ray resilient plasterboard

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26 Nov 2014

Construction of hospitals, surgeries and clinics will generally all feature lead based construction in order to incorporate the safe use of X-ray rooms. Heavy duty concrete was commonplace within the structure of X-Ray rooms, however, this can now be replaced with a more lightweight solution from Knauf.

Knauf Safeboard - 100% lead-free X-ray resilient plasterboard

Knauf Safeboard is a 100% lead-free X-ray resilient plasterboard. Taking the healthcare industry by storm, Safeboard is an outstanding example of Knauf’s aim to ‘Build for the world we live in’. Comprised of a barium-sulphate core, Knauf Safeboard significantly and effectively reduces the need for lead which is normally required within X-ray suitable partitions, often entirely removing the need completely. X-ray protection is coupled with fire and acoustic performance in one powerful board which acts like a standard plasterboard, simple and easy to score and snap. Combined with the Knauf Safeboard Joint Filler to seal gaps, the system creates an incredibly strong, yet simple, defense mechanism against harmful X-rays.

In the modern day it is becoming increasingly desirable to achieve flexibility to redesign interior layouts. Multi-purpose rooms are becoming increasingly sought after when developing modern, future-adaptable healthcare projects. Supporting this ideal, Knauf Safeboard serves as a cost-effective alternative to the more heavy duty construction previously seen in the market. Retro-fits and removal of the system is far simpler with Knauf Safeboard and the system can be designed to also suit mobile apparatus creating an incredibly versatile product.

Quality assurance is the top priority when dealing with such a health sensitive product. In order to maintain utmost quality and security within Safeboard, Knauf incorporates a dedicated X-Ray machine in the production process to immediately check each and every board as soon as it is produced. Through doing this Knauf and its consumers can be confident that every Safeboard sufficiently meets the requirements, even before its commercial use.

Knauf Safeboard is a patented product and therefore the only lead free plasterboard in the market. This makes it an incredibly sought after product in the fast-paced modern healthcare construction industry, where flexible workspaces are becoming much more preferred with safety still being the priority.


  • Economical X-ray protection
  • Without lead sheet lining
  • Fire-resistant board
  • Easy application
  • Excellent sound insulation

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