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THERMATEX Acoustic Range

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20 Jan 2015

THERMATEX Acoustic Range

Absorption, insulation, reflection …all in one ceiling

The AMF THERMATEX® Acoustic Range is a new concept for modular ceiling tiles. The fleece-faced tiles guarantee the full range of acoustic combinations with the same visual appearance and surface properties. From reflective (NRC 0.10), through absorbing to extremely absorbing (NRC 1.00) performance, the full range of sound absorption is covered along with exceptional sound attenuation values (up to 44dB). 

The AMF THERMATEX® Acoustic Range offers the right solution for almost every application and can fulfil the highest requirements in terms of sound reduction and room acoustics. The strength of the range lies not only in using a single tile type per ceiling, but the possibility to also combine different products with different acoustic performance (e.g. THERMATEX® Alpha and THERMATEX® Acoustic RL). The panels can meet acoustic ceiling requirements in: 

  • Office buildings (Individual offices, open plan offices, meeting rooms, etc.)

  • Public buildings (assembly halls, conference rooms, service counter halls, etc.)

  • Schools (class rooms, lecture theatres, staff rooms, etc.)

Rooms with special acoustic requirements, such as cinemas, can be acoustically fine-tuned using the extremely absorbing AMF THERMATEX® Alpha black tiles installed in combination with extra matt supporting profiles. Stringent requirements in terms of sound reduction and room acoustics can thereby be fulfilled. Even bowling alleys, with the target of sound reduction, can be acoustically optimised.

Our Product Range

THERMATEX Alpha ONE     24 mm αw =1.00 / NRC =1.00 / Dn,f,w = 29 dB
THERMATEX Alpha 19 mm αw =0.95 / NRC =0.90 / Dn,f,w = 28 dB
THERMATEX Alpha HD 19 mm αw =0.90 / NRC =0.85 / Dn,f,w = 30 dB
THERMATEX Alpha HD 35 mm 35 mm αw =0.90 / NRC =0.85 / Dn,f,w = 42 dB
THERMATEX Silence 43 mm αw =0.85(H) / NRC =0.90 / Dn,f,w = 44 dB
THERMATEX Thermofon 15 mm αw =0.80(H) / NRC =0.85 / Dn,f,w = 28 dB
THERMATEX SF Acoustic 24 mm αw =0.65(H) / NRC =0.70 / Dn,f,w = 38 dB
THERMATEX Acoustic 19 mm αw =0.65(H) / NRC =0.70 / Dn,f,w = 38 dB
THERMATEX dB Acoustic 24-30 mm αw =0.65(H) / NRC =0.70 / Dn,f,w = 41-43 dB
THERMATEX Acoustic RL 19 mm αw =0.15(L) / NRC =0.15 / Dn,f,w = 38 dB
THERMATEX Alpha black 19 mm αw =1.00 / NRC =0.90 / Dn,f,w = 28 dB
THERMATEX Alpha crème, silver 19 mm αw =0.90 / NRC =0.95 / Dn,f,w = 28 dB

System Solutions

THERMATEX® offers different solutions for ceiling constructions: exposed, free spanning or concealed systems. The system solutions are characterised by quick installation and versatility. The four systems can be used with a wide variety of THERMATEX® Acoustic Range ceiling tiles.

Fire Resistance

Beside high absorption requirements, the THERMATEX® Acoustic Range also fulfils further qualities regarding constructional physics in relation to fire protection. In combination with our VENTATEC grid system it reaches a fire resistance up to 120 minutes according to DIN 4102 Part 2, and fulfils the building-material class A2-s1, d0 (according to EN 13501-1).

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