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Lindner Offers Freedom in Design with its Demountable Partition System

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21 Jul 2015

Lindner Middle East L.L.C., part of Lindner Group (celebrating this year its 50th anniversary !!), has among its portfolio of interior fit out products, a selection of demountable partition systems and wall cladding solutions. From glazed to metal, to timber, or veneer finishes, Lindner demountable partitions offer technical and design solutions to a variety of project requirements, including fire and high acoustic features

Lindner Offers Freedom in Design with its Demountable Partition System

Lindner partition walls ensure the best possible sound-proofing in every area of application and thus provide ideal working, studying or living conditions. Even on complex projects, such as function rooms, theatres, museums or concert halls Lindner‘s comprehensive knowledge and expertise, combined with its high-quality products, will guarantee the best possible results.

In the work place, space requirements can often change quickly. Lindner partition walls can be easily adapted to new situations - all systems are constructed to a similar basic design and are easily accessed for service and maintenance. A further advantage is that Lindner system solutions can be almost unrestrictedly combined with each other, with the result that designers can benefit from a huge range of combination options.

Lindner “Life” systems propose acoustically performing glazed walls that can be either single or double glazed, frame-less, framed or with concealed steel uprights, non fire rated or fire rated to suit the project scope.

Irrespective of whether one wants to create colourful contrasts, incorporate stencilling or back-painted and back lit partition walls – glass offers almost unlimited options. A whole host of techniques can be applied in terms of design: screen printing, etching, enamelling or the application of films.

All glazed partition walls and doors can be fitted with blinds, to protect from the light and to give privacy. A number of different operating mechanisms are available: electrical, cranks with handles, cords, rods or chains.

Lindner “Logic” range offers acoustically performing metal or timber based panels. Powder coated or veneered solutions, melamine, high pressure laminates or real wood veneers can be applied to the cladding of “Logic” demountable partitions, which are available in standard or fire rated versions.

All Lindner demountable partitions are complimented by the Lindner “Plus” range of doors. Glazed and timber solutions to match the technical characteristics of the partition walls. Lindner also offers a selection of highly specialised doors for fire protection, sound insulation, smoke control, radiation protection, intruder protection, moisture resistant and wet rooms use.

Lindner “Free” fascia panels and wall cladding can be fitted to the unfinished wall leaving either a very small or relatively large gap. This will allow either to save space or to conceal building services, cabling and pipe-works. Lindner uses in-house manufactured steel panels with plasterboard inlays for its metal solutions. Lindner can also manufacture these high-quality products to provide effective sound-proofing.

Lindner wall systems are also widely used in their more specialised versions for the Healthcare sector. Clean rooms, operating theatres and laboratories can benefit of a Lindner department with a vast experience in medical applications, from design to installation.

Cube” is a Room-in-Room system of the Lindner Group, a self- contained room system without permanent connection to solid walls or to the ceiling. It is the perfect retreat while providing maximum flexibility and design freedom. It can be displaced in the room and thus makes it possible to react optimally to changes in spatial planning. Walls available as a single or double glazing, in metal or wooden look – the system can be designed in any combination according to individual desire. Lindner Cube creates in each open-plan office a place of tranquillity concentration and intellectual

Lindner Life

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    Lindner can offer a wide range of services, such as product development, samples, manufacturing, logistics, installation and maintenance.

    Lindner is continuously dealing with the improvement of sound insulation – applying proprietary test facilities according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and know-how in building acoustics grown over many years. Besides acoustics, we focus on the further development and application of our products to meet highest requirements, such as enhanced flexibility as well as sustainability and efficiency.

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