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Save Up To 200,000 USD a Year on Hydraulic Oil with a Purifiner Recycling Centre

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10 Jan 2019

Save Up To 200,000 USD a Year on Hydraulic Oil with a Purifiner Recycling Centre

For almost 20 years, Waagene Purifiner Technology has helped companies reducing breakdowns in hydraulic systems and save money. Waagene Purifiner Technology cleans all types of hydraulic and lube oils with viscosity from 32 to 320.

The patented filtration technology cleans oil to better quality than when it was new without changing its properties and the used hydraulic oil can be used over again in your machinery. This gives both financial and environmental benefits.

Texaco Regal 68 Hydraulic Oil (17,500 Hours / 2 Years)

Tests performed by Norsk Oljelaboratorium AS, May 2013

The effect of the unique microfiltration system has been proven with oil tests through the years and in 2016, cleaned oil was submitted to an FZG Test at the Technical University in Munich. This test measures the lubrication properties of oil under different stress levels. Used oil filtered through Waagene Purifiner was tested to have same properties as new unfiltered oil.

More and more companies see the economic benefits of using this unique microfiltration system to reduce costs. Waagene Purifiner can be installed directly on the machinery for continuous oil maintenance, but the simplest way of using the technology is to invest in a recycling centre. With the recycling centre, you can continue the machinery maintenance as before but filter the used oil in batches for reuse.

Investing in a recycling centre with IBC tank is a rather low cost compared to the savings potential. A recycling centre can clean up to 1,000-1,500 litres oil a week. This means that the investment can potentially be paid back in less than one month. The way the patented filtration system works, also keeps the electricity consumption and usage of filter cartridges very low.

Download the Waagene Purifiner Saving Calculator to see your own savings potential.

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