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About Fireplaces



This is the beating heart of the home, the convivial item par excellence, around which the family, or a group of friends gets together to have a chat. Focus fireplaces, all created by Dominique Imbert, entirely express this sense of intimacy but, at the same time, are distinguished by their innovative and contemporary design which brings them close to the multi-form world of art. Focus products (available in room centre, wall, corner or integrated versions) are subject, in fact, to varied influences, going from architecture to painting, from poetry to love for nature and materials. Because the “container” of a fascinating element like fire cannot be banal, but must passionately express the values of research and experimentation.

“The fire has definitively changed. This child of the wind and of the night, this narrator of stories to be listened to and seen refuses to be closed within the prisons of banality. By suspending our fireplaces from the ceiling, by having them come out of walls, by considering them as real sculptures, we have placed the fire within our family. We have created forms which are far removed from ephemeral models, we have combined the modernity of design with the tradition of the fireplace, devising simple and rigorous geometries which have themselves become animated with life and passion”. These words from the creator of Focus, Dominique Imbert, bear obvious witness to the passion the company puts into creating its products. And they also show the artistic inspiration which animates the work of Imbert who, in order to design his models, takes his conceptual inspiration from the works of illustrious architects and artists, such as Renzo Piano (for the Renzofocus fireplace) and Mondrian (for Chromifocus). Recently, apart from fireplaces, Focus has become involved in the manufacture of complementary items, bookcases and tables: again free forms, produced in steel or in bronze.

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